UAE is the charm of the exotic oriental fantasy, and Western standards of service.

Ace jewelry stores, giant shopping malls, unforgettable shopping, arab sheikhs that capture the imagination of skyscrapers, the world's best hotels. On the beach, each Emirate its shade of white sand and the desert bloom gardens. Tour in the UAE will allow you to explore the rich excursion program will provide excellent opportunities for outdoor activities and rich night life. Here You can find the best conditions for interesting and comfortable rest: improved infrastructure and operation services of the hospitality industry.


Official data on the ethnic composition are not published. Arabs are the indigenous inhabitants of the Emirates - no more than 25% of the population (12% according to other sources), Europeans and Americans - 5%, others came from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Iran and other countries from Asia and Africa.


The official language in the Emirates is Arabic. Apart from the Arab in the UAE ubiquitous English, Hindi, Farsi and Urdu.



Islam is the official religion of the UAE. However, other religions are allowed.



Since the UAE is still an Islamic state, it certainly puts all sorts of prints to life and norms of behavior. The UAE has banned public kissing and hugging in public places. Tourists of UAE isn't advisable to wear highly revealing clothes to avoid problems with the police The best to clothing are covering the shoulders and knees, the most stringent in the ratio of Sharjah. Dubai is trying to turn a blind eye. From the important features is perhaps it should be noted that it is betterthat it is better don't addressed to women with covered hairs for taking the photograph. If you want to take a picture of a woman you should ask permission from her husband or father. If the woman is at work, you can ask a question to herself. But overall this is a very pleasant and friendly country, the majority of local residents UAE, this is a very wealthy people, so all visitors are treated as valued guests.



Arab cuisine is one of the most sophisticated and skilled in the world. Food is a symbol of hospitality and generosity of the oriental culture. Don't be surprised if you are invited to visit to meal. Local cuisine includes a dizzying array of snacks, fragrant bread, lovely oriental sweets, pistachios and other delicacies.



The climate in the United Arab Emirates dry subtropical. Except for the hot summer months, the climate in the UAE almost perfect. The sun and cloudless sky 360 days a year. Enjoy the rain is possible occasionally from November to March. Temperature varies between 35-43°C in summer, but on some days can reach 48°C, so all the places in the city, taxis and even small shops has air-condition. The average temperature in January is 18°C (at least 10°C, maximum 25°C).



Currently the main mode of transport are cars. There are shuttle buses for the convenience of getting around the city. The fare at the Dubai Bus 1.5 dirhams, tickets are sold driver at the stop stations. But it is preferable to use the services of the municipal taxi, which provide high quality service at reasonable prices, and also have counters in cars. If you take a taxi to the hotel parking lot, it's worth a few dirhams more than the pass stop the taxi on the street.


Official currency

Dirham is the official currency of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In major tourist regions accepted for payment US dollars.