Extensive sandy beaches and rugged coastal cliffs of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the gentle hills covered with greenery and mountains, an abundance of flowers and red earth ...

Holidays in Portugal, where virgin nature peacefully coexist with a developed tourist infrastructure, and respect for national traditions coexist peacefully with the European tradition of hospitality will amaze everyone. This is one of the traits of the national character of the Portuguese. Here you immediately feel that you are really excited. In addition, guests will be pleasantly surprised by the willingness of local residents to help in any situation, combined with quiet dignity, politeness and restraint inherent in the Portuguese style of communication.


The population of Portugal is more than 10 million people. Ethnic composition of country: Portuguese (99%) and other nationalities (Spanish, Brazilians, Africans).



The official language is Portuguese, also used Spanish and English.



Portugal is Catholic country. Almost 95% of the population belongs to Catholic faith, so their spiritual life is highly dependent on the influence of the church.



Portuguese culture was formed under the influence of different peoples: Arabs, Romans, Germanic tribes, Moors, Spaniards. Portugal colorful country, each region has its own historical national costume, which usually dress up for the holidays. The Portuguese have great respect for their traditions and culture, as well as revered holy Catholic faith. In Portugal, it is very sensitive to religion; even most of the holidays celebrated in the country are of a religious nature.



Portuguese cuisine is very simple, foods based on fish, meat and cabbage. Portuguese are taken very seriously to eating, which is why the work of the majority of restaurants and cafes adjusted to the rhythm of their lives. Small cafes opened in the 6-7am and work until late night. It is mostly satisfied with the breakfast or small snacks throughout the day. The restaurant opens at lunch time and dinner time, about 12:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 23:00. Cheaper restaurants that don't pretend tourists, and the atmosphere there is another: a cozy and homely. The traditional dish is cheese, or rather not even cheese and cheesecake with figs, almonds, cocoa, fruit of the strawberry tree, lemon, anise seeds and cinnamon.



The climate is characterized by warm and sunny weather. The temperature in summer reaches 30°C. In the north-west of the country the climate is mild humid annually falls to 2000 mm of rainfall. Peak season is in mid-June - September, when the air temperature in the country is + 27°C. The hottest months are July and August. Those who wish to avoid the influx of tourists prefer to visit Portugal in the spring.



The bus system in Portugal is much ramified. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket points at the bus station or directly from driver. With daily use of the same route, it makes sense to make the travel cards. Each machine is equipped with a taxi in Portugal walkie and counter, so you can easily check his testimony, it the norm to pay for the use of baggage (1.5-2 Euro) and gratuities, but it is not necessary.


Official currency

The official currency in Portugal is Euro. 1 euro equals 100 cents. Banks in Portugal are open in weekdays from 8.30 to 15.00. Traveler's checks are accepted everywhere, but the commissions can reach 5%.