Netherlands is a wonderful country in which all unusual: from geography to landscapes, from history and old traditions to the progressive cosmopolitan mores.

It has two names - Netherlands and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. A quarter of its territory lies below sea level, and is saved more than a thousand windmills operating. Netherlands is the birthplace of the great philosopher Spinoza and Erasmus of Rotterdam, and the great artists Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Bosch. Here are the highest concentration of museums in the world, and there are 42 museums only in Amsterdam. Here, amid the beautiful scenery of the ancient city spread and castles, parks pestreyut multicolored carpet of tulips and canals of Amsterdam thoughtful and romantic. It is a country with a special character, it is elegant, ancient and contemporary. Journey in the Netherlands carries the air of freedom and high morals, fragrances fields of tulips and daffodils and microbrews, an indispensable luxury hotels and restaurants respectability.




National composition of the Dutch population is very heterogeneous. Most of the population (83%) are the Dutch, who live mainly in the northern, eastern and central regions.


The official language is Netherlandish. It is also called Dutch.


The official religion is Catholicism. 11.4% of the population followed the Protestant Church.


The Netherlands has much to offer the most demanding lovers of art and culture: the world-famous museums, lively and diverse theater and cultural life, where there is plenty of room to experiment and find new ways. It annually hosts many interesting international festivals. The old Dutch tradition of painting with their exponents such as Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Vermeer, Van Gogh and Piet Mondrian.


Traditional Dutch cuisine is famous for its "village" thoroughness, widespread use of low  combined products and excellent traditions in cooking seafood. It is impossible to present Dutch cuisine without hot sandwiches of all kinds. From alcohols Dutch prefer all sorts of beers and vodka, preferring juniper, more like a genie, "Jenever". The country also make first-class liquors, the most popular famous "Bitter Orange".



The Netherlands has a temperate maritime and humid climate with a rather windy and changeable weather, with frequent rains. The average temperature in January is + 1-3°C, in July + 16-17°С.



It is uncomfortable to choose bus for long distances. Buses tend to be used for travel in small towns or in small regions, not between them. Cars are good way to explore the rural areas, especially those where you can't get on the train, for example Valyuve, Zealand or the islands of the North Sea. Taxi prices in the Netherlands are quite high. If you agreed on a price beforehand, you need to pay this amount or the amount on counter, depending on which is lower.


Official currency

The official currency of Netherlands is Euro. Currency exchange in the Netherlands may be in banks, post offices, hotels, airports and train stations. The most favorable rate is in post offices and banks.