Tours to Namibia give travelers the African exotic, the greatest number of sunny and hot days in the year.

Very rich flora and fauna, which are affecting its unusual "lunar" landscapes, luxury hotels, campsites and lodge.

Special attention of travelers gets hunting and fishing. Rest in Namibia is a chance to see the Kalahari and Namib deserts, caves and passage Amhem Gamsberg bright Sossufleya dunes, enjoy a good looking Windhoek with its many markets, luxury hotels and restaurants, museums and architectural ensembles of rare beauty.



The majority of the Namibian population belongs to the Africian family of Bantu, more numerous are Ovambo (50% of the population), the Herero and the Okavango. Also, the country is inhabited by Khoisan. The overall proportion of Africans in Namibia is 80%.



Official language is English, but in fact it is the main language of only 7% of the population. Most local people in real life are still using the Bantu languages, mainly Oshiwambo. The large part of white and colored population speaks Afrikaans. It is also widespread German.



Christians comprise 90% of the population (Catholics - 14% of the population), 10% adhere to traditional African beliefs (animalism, fetishism, the worship of ancestors, the guardians of the hearth, the forces of nature, and others).



The modern culture of Namibia is a synthesis of different cultural influences. Most Namibians are guided by the norms of behavior accepted in a society where the development of commodity-money relations, and Christian morality.



On the local cuisine was greatly influenced by the culinary traditions of the countries of Europe and South Africa. The most widely used the meat, vegetable dishes and garnishes. Meat dishes are mainly prepared on the basis of beef, mutton, meat antelope, zebras, crocodiles and birds. The traditional way of cooking meat is the barbecue. Namibia is known for its beer. Such varieties as "Windhoek Lager" and "Tafel Lager", considered among the best in Africa. Also of alcoholic beverages in the country produces wine varieties Kolamber and Cabernet.



The climate is tropical, very hot and dry, it is influenced by the cold Benguela current of the Atlantic Ocean. The average temperature in summer (December-April) + 28-32°C (in the north to + 38°C), night + 15-20°C (in desert areas temperatures at night can fall sharply to 0°C). In winter, respectively, + 15-20°C and about 0°C at night. On the coast is constantly blowing cold winds.



Public transport in Namibia is poorly developed and presented a few buses and taxis. The main way of transportation in cities is a taxi: they are many and cheap.


Official currency

The official currency of Namibia is a Namibian Dollar (N$10=1US dollar). Free circulation have the South African Rand. The shops accept all major credit cards.