Maldives is one of the unique islands of the world.

The brightness of scenes, vivid impressions of the sun's warmth can remember all year.

The rest in Maldives is a unique adventure of Robinson, it is a unique travel. There is no any other place to opportunity to admire this beautiful nature, to melt into the sunset waves, enjoy the soft sand and the view of unique and amazing creatures living in the water. The rest in Maldives gets unforgettable emotions to everyone. It is a great gift for your girlfriend.


There are 261 thousand people. 98% are Maldivians, the remaining 2% - Arabs and immigrants from Africa. The population is divided into the following main ethnic groups: Sinhalese, Dravidians, Arabs and Africans.



Official language is Dhivehi. In the tourist regions speak in English.



Islam is the official religion and the backbone of people.



Maldives is a country that protects its traditions from Western influence. That is why contact the local population with tourists is minimized. Communicate with Maldivians can be only in hotels in the capital. To visit the ordinary Maldivians, requires a special permit and a guide.

Walking through the capital or going on a trip to a nearby village, we shouldn't forget about the decency. Open clothing isn't preferred. Not recommended to attempt to communicate with local women. Prohibited use alcohol or pollute the area.



National cuisine of the Maldives was formed on Indian and Arabic traditions. Local cuisine includes rice, fish cooked with coconut milk. Widely used chili and a little onion.  Roshi - a local bread - usually eaten together with mas huni - fish cocktail with coconut, onion, chili and lime. Also widely used spices, sauces and coconut milk. From local snacks are very popular fihunu mas - baked fish with chili paste, keemia - fried fish rolls, kulhi borkihaa - the most delicate fish pie. Among the sweets are very tasty bondi - white coconut sticks.



The climate is very warm and smooth, without large fluctuations in temperature throughout the year. The best weather is from November to the end of April during the northeast monsoon, the weather is sunny and dry. From May to October the weather is less predictable. The average daily max temperature is + 30°C. The average night minimum + 25°C. Temperature of the water is 25°C- 27°C.



There are no cars in Maldives. Basically it is a small island that can be crossed on foot in a few minutes. The most popular vehicles on the islands are high-speed boats and wooden boats "Doni". Public transport is almost non-existent. Prices for seaplane transfers are quite high. Cost of boat rent is from 100 to 400 dollars a day.


Official currency

Maldives Rufiyaa (Rufiyaa, MVR, Rf) is the official currency of the island and it equal to 100 laris. You can exchange your money at the banks, exchange points or at the airport (the reverse exchange can be made at the same point). On remote islands exchange rate is usually less advantageous, besides taking often only rufii.