Italy is the country of olive oil, pasta, wine, mafia, the bright sun, ruins of ancient Rome and the palaces of the Renaissance.

Perhaps the associative line has every reason to be popular among tourists. And probably a few days or even weeks in the famous tourist centers of Italy, will not make bored even the most demanding travelers. Italy is fraught with boundless depths of history, culture and charm, hidden in various parts of this wonderful country - bright as the sun bathed Sicily, refined, like the Venetian and Florentine architecture, serene as the beautiful landscape of Tuscany, and the same, as the eternal Rome.

The most luxurious beach holiday on the Mediterranean coast, luxury hotels with different levels of "Star" and a consistently high level of services, restaurants with a kaleidoscope of dishes from cuisines all over the world, rich excursion program with visiting cities, national parks, nature reserves, museums and galleries, unique gifts and affordable shopping - Your rest will be remembered for a long time!


There are over sixty million people in Italy and more than 2.5 million. lives in Rome. There are a lot of foreigners from Europe: the French, Greeks, Germans, Albanians.


The national language is Italian, which differ in three dialects - central, north and south. In tourist areas in Italy is almost universally distributed in English and French.


Italy is Catholic country. 99% of Italians are Roman Catholics.


Italian culture has absorbed the rich heritage of the great Roman Empire and Europe. With the Italian culture cann’t be discovered by one visit - it is so rich and diverse. Every city, stone, little church in every village and in the azure Gulf of Naples has its own history. Only in Italy you can walk on the bridge, erected before Christ or found the provincial work of the famous painters. The air is literally saturated by sun and the famous hospitality, and violent nature of the timeless. On the streets of Italy can meet Roman ruins, inhabited cats, Greek temples; Moorish architecture and Byzantine mosaics combined with fountains and Baroque tombs.   


Italian cuisine is delicious and varied. The basis of most of the national dishes is the dough, pasta, cheese, seafood, olive oil and garlic, and spices from here prefer basil and rosemary. In Italy make countless varieties of pasta, which are called the visit card of the country. There are huge variety of cheeses, the most famous of them are Mozzarella, Parmesan, Gorgonzola. Speaking about desserts, have to be mentioned the most delicate tiramisu, delicious ice cream, and many varieties of chocolate. The Italians adore coffee. Indispensable attribute of an Italian feast - excellent local wine.



Italy is one of the sunniest countries in the world. In the north regions climate is moderate, in the south and center of the country - subtropical Mediterranean. Summers are usually hot: the temperature in the center of the country in July, held in the area of 22 ... 24°C, and winter - cool and foggy (January - about 0°C). The further south, the warmer in summer temperature will rise to +32°C, and in winter - up to +5°C.



Public transport consist from buses, trams, subways and trains plying in the city. Buses and trams work from 5:30 am to midnight. The passengers must enter into bus from the back door and get out from the front door. Bus’s, tram’s and subway’s tickets must be composted.

Taxis can be called by telephone from the hotel, bar, restaurant or phone booth, pager. Taxi in Rome takes $4.06 for landing and the first 3 kilometers (so a short taxi ride in Rome unprofitable), then - $0.7 per kilometer.


Official currency

The official currency in Italy is Euro (Euro, €), 1 euro=100 cent. Currency exchange can be done at any bank, exchange points, cash machines or post offices.