This wonderful country can not be forgotten.

Chile is one of the most interesting countries in the world. Multi-millennial history, beautiful landscapes, majestic mountains and pristine mountain regions, amazing variety of natural complexes, colorful local population and booming economy - these are the main characteristics of this country. The most popular attractions in Chile are Lake Chungara, volcano Parinacota, the Atacama Desert, the geysers of El Tatio, Lake Miskanti, granite "towers" Torres del Paine, the mysterious Easter Island and Patagonia. 




The main population of the country is the Chileans of which over 70% mestizo, 25% of the descendants of European settlers, about 5% of Indians. Among the descendants of the Europeans dominated Spanish and Italians, but there are also Germans, British, Yugoslavs, Austrians, French.



Spoken language in Chile is Spanish. Chilean Spanish is very different from a traditional Spanish language. It includes some English, German, Italian and Native American words and phrases. This language is spoken more quickly than traditional Spanish.



Catholics are about 80%, Protestants - 13%. The Church in Chile is separated from the state, but it enjoys great respect and influence in the political and social life of the country.



Chilean culture is multinational. It absorbed the traditions of many peoples, who settled here. Chileans are one of the most unusual of nations of the world. They are formed on the basis of Spanish and Indian population of this territory. People are very friendly, even the mountain Indian tribes. Chileans ready to help tourists to catch a taxi or find a suitable hotel.



In Chile eating three or four meals per day. Like all South American cuisines, Chilean cuisine is very sharp and spicy. In meat and vegetable dishes reigns hot peppers with the sonorous name chilli. Some popular dishes like dishes from Russian cuisines- empanadas, cakes, cereals, corn tortillas, beans and chimes, but most are delicious seafood, as in Chile 4000-kilometer coast of luxury.



There are many different climatic zones In Chile. Since Chilli located deep in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons opposite changing of seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. So, the summer months are December, January and February, while June, July and August  are winter months.



Taxis are very popular in the country. They can be easily distinguished by their bright yellow and black colors. Each taxi has a registration number and a counter. Courteous and helpful is the main features of the Chilean taxi drivers. Smoking is prohibited in public transport.


Official currency

Chilean peso (Ch $, CLP) is the official currency of the country and equal to 100 cents. US dollars are widely used.