Originality, ancient stone artifacts, the grandeur of wild nature and high level of comfort. This combination is appropriate only in Zimbabwe.

The greatness of the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers, the natural world of wild Africa, cultural identity and many historical attractions, which history has its origins from times of ancient civilizations - it is only a small part of the appeal, which carry the things to do in Zimbabwe.

This safari with the possibility of legal hunting attracted tourists from around the world. Rare flora and fauna in nature reserves, Victoria Falls, and the roar of the great Victoria Falls, alluring beauty of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe will rest most vivid memory of the journey.

Harare and Balavayo, the most famous and developed cities of the country, will be able to surprise the tourists not only the sights, but also the comfortability of luxury hotels, respectable restaurant and colorful shopping with attractive prices. Zimbabwe is considered the most original and amazing country in Africa. And thousands of tourists every year convinced of it!


98% of the population of Zimbabwe is African nations. The most numerous of them are Shona. There are many europeans in country (English, Portuguese), mulattos and Asians (Indians and Chinese).



Zimbabwe's official language is English, but it is considered a national only 2% of the population. The rest of the residents speak the local languages Shona, Ndebele, Kalanga and Tonga.


About 55% of the population are Christians (profess Catholicism more than 1 million people.). About 45% adheres to traditional.



The main specialties from Zimbabwe are white maize porridge, as well as dishes of pork, chicken and crocodile meat. Exotic dishes are beef stroganoff of antelope, ostrich steak and crocodile tail in cheese sauce. As for drinks, the most popular local beer.



The most pleasant season are from September to December and from April to June. From mid-December to late March, a period of rain. Winter lasts from April to August. At this time, the daily temperature 20°C, and can drop to 0°C.



Intercity bus service has come into disrepair and is now poorly developed, even by African standards. Taxis are available in all major cities and tourist centers. The fare is low, for example, the travel around Harare through the city center will cost $ 2-3. You can rent a taxi for the day, it will cost $ 50-70.


Official currency

The official currency of Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwean dollar. Zimbabwean dollar (the international designation - ZWD). One Zimbabwean dollar is equal to 100 cents.