Every year many tourists trying to "catch the luck" like an African tiger fish or a huge catfish vundu anglers on Zambezi River from around the world.

The Lusaka with many art galleries and open market in Kambala, museums, national parks in old Livingston and, of course, the air of the Wild Africa can turn the rest into an explosion of adrenaline and emotion fireworks! Holydays in Zambia can be multi-faceted and extremely bright: the mighty Victoria Falls and the Zambezi river origins, Ngon Waterfall and open for visitors archeological excavations, exotic animals and rare African vegetation. 


About 99% of the population is indigenous people, mostly Bantu.



The official language is English. English is used even in remote regions and are widely accepted by more than 70 local languages and dialects.



Christians are 75% of population, although many combine Christianity with traditional local animistic cults, about 17-20% - Muslims, the remaining 4-7% foreign workers, many of whom are refugees from the Congo and Zimbabwe.



Culture of Zambia corresponds to the general primitive culture of the Bantu Negroes. Literature in the country initially developed through translations.

Zambians amaze their visitors with its unusual friendliness. Despite endemic poverty, the streets and villages in Zambia are always full of smiling faces. No matter to which nationality they belong to the people of Zambia will always be happy to help their country and give him a warm and cordial reception.



Cuisine of Zambia is a special part of its culture, which will surely appreciate the fans of eat. The most popular dishes are the Zambian cuisine delicacies from fresh freshwater fish. The river bream, Nile perch and landlocked salmon are very popular. As for drinks, "Mosi" and "Rhino" beers are very popular.



There are three main seasons in Zambia: from November to March - hot with thunderstorms; from April to July - dry warm days, cool nights and early morning; and from August to October - warm to hot and dry.



Travelling by bus in Zambia could become a serious challenge to even the most undemanding tourists. Distances are big, roads are bad, transportation, outdated, overcrowded and lacking the minimal comfort. Taxis are available in all major cities of the country and its pretty inexpensive variant to transport (for example, within the Lusaka trip will cost about 4-5USD).


Official currency

The official currency - Kwacha (kwacha). $1=4,800 kwacha. Most tourist regions prefer hard currency. Some places accept credit cards.