Venezuela is one of the colorful South American countries.

There coexist snowy peaks of the Andes and the Amazon jungle, beautiful plateau of Gran Sabana, 3,000 km of sandy beaches, the largest lake in South America - Maracaibo, and third longest river in the world - the Orinoco, the highest waterfall of the planet - Angel and longest cable car in the world. And all this is surrounded by a splendid and diverse flora, under whose shelter is home to over 3,000 species of exotic animals, including the jaguar, ocelot, tapir, armadillo, anteater, and the longest snake in the world - anaconda.

Activities in Venezuela have always fascinated, no matter the season. After this amazing Latin American country can give the charm of the cities of the conquistadors, offer travelers a few thousand kilometers of magnificent beaches, will allow to contemplate the majesty of the Andes and the Orinoco, as well as to hear the roar of the highest in the world, Angel Falls.



Venezuela's population is over 30 million. About 3% are from Colombia, 3% came from the European continent, 1% (about 200 thousand people) - Indians, descendants of the once numerous semi-nomadic peoples of South America.



The official language is Spanish. It is also used English, French, German, and more than 30 languages of the local Indian peoples ("Arawak", "Caribou", "Chibcha" and others).



Most of the faithful of the country (96%) identify themselves as Roman Catholic, Protestant 2%, representatives of other faiths - about 2%.



The culture of Venezuela has Spanish and American roots, it is diverse. The religious holidays in the capital are festivals of folk art. Tourists can visit Caracas Museum of Fine Arts, which is the center of fine arts in Venezuela.



Venezuela's national cuisine is distinguished by its picturesque features and refinements. Culinary specialties made by Venezuelan recipes are nutritious, sharp and high-calorie. The basis of cuisine are meat, beans and maize (corn), rice, potatoes, bananas special and many other vegetables and spices, often used unimaginable combinations. Venezuelan cocoa is considered one of the best in the world.



In Venezuela dominated the equatorial climate, the weather is largely dependent on seasonal winds. In summer it is often quite humid, hot and calm. In winter it is dry, heat, humidity is at the optimum level. The year is divided into several seasons: high, which lasts from December to April, and the lowest starting in May and ending in November.



All cities have an extensive system of public transport, provided mainly by buses and taxis. Large taxi companies are usually equipped with counters, although the drivers extremely reluctant to use them, preferring to negotiate the fare in advance.


Official currency

The official currency of country is Bolivar (Bs.F, VEB), which equal to 100 cents.