United States of America

United States is a country with great natural and cultural heritage.

It is country of grand opportunity and the highest levels of development. Stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, it offers a great variety of travel types (from examination of historical and cultural attractions to a relaxing and comfortable holiday on the gorgeous beaches of Florida or Hawaii).

The rest in the United States is a multi-million neighborhood of the modern city and wild prairitie, a riot of two oceans and the silence of mountain canyons, a rich excursion program and a luxury shopping.


United States is a country with a very large and diverse population. It is a relatively young ethnic education. However, the original inhabitants of present-day America is the Indians who lived here long before than Europeans arrived.



There is no official state language. However, English language actually is the official. The second most spoken language in USA is Spanish.



Religion in the United States has a national importance. The large part of American is Christians. Protestants make up 56% of believers, 28% Catholic, Jewish 2%, other religious communities make up 4%.



The culture of the United States incorporates features many ethnic moments that permeated American society. It is based on the culture of the settlers from England. That is why in USA speak in English.



American Cuisine isn't original, because it took over the culinary traditions of other countries. American breakfast is a fried or scrambled eggs with bacon, ham, sausage and fried potatoes. It is ten kinds of scrambled eggs, omelets, salads, juice and coffee. National American “dish” is hamburger. Americans joke that they drink only one drink (hot- coffee, cold – Coca Cola).



The climate in the United States is varied. The temperature in the south is subtropical. In the northern states generally harsh winter, and in the southern, as, for example, in Florida, it is summer whole year.



The main transport in the country is a personal cars. Taxis are very popular. The fare can be paid incash or a credit card.


Official currency

The official currency is dollar (USD), which is equal to 100 cents. Banks in the USA are usually open Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 15:00. Some banks and their branches are open until 18:00 and can be opened on Saturday.