Tours to Thailand allow you to see beautiful Siam from different sides.

Winter holidays in Thailand gives pleasure of the rich excursion program on Pattaya, Hua Hin, Samui, and summer trip to Phi Phi, Krabi, Phuket get You an unforgettable experience of luxurious with the white sand beaches and warm waves of the coastal line. In this country, the most luxurious hotels with wild range of  prices and different levels of "Star", a large variety of restaurants, cafes and bars, entertainment and shopping centers.

Unceasing Bangkok gives every traveler delight from visiting the Wat Arun and Wat Pho, floating market and the huge market district of Khao San. Chiang Mai City spirituality meet guests a variety of churches, handicraft and souvenir shops, restaurants and the huge salons with famous Thai massage, and the nearby San Kamfaeng will keep warm and at the same time freshen by water from the famous hot springs.


Thailand's population is over 70 million. National composition is: Thais, Chinese and other peoples (Malays, Khmers, Laotians, Burmese and Vietnamese).



Official language is Thai. Also used: English, Chinese.



Buddhism is the official religion of Thailand. The 95% of population are followers of this religion.



Thailand has a unique culture, which goes away in ancient times. It is not accepted shaking hands in Thailand. Thais greet each other with folding palms (like praying) in front of the face. There are not commonly to celebrate traditional holidays. You need to visit Thailand not only for the developed resort infrastructure, but also to touch the mystery and beauty of the Orient.



In Thai cuisine is largely influenced by two factors - climate and culture, although a great role played the history of country, emigration and invasion. Thais use all kinds of meat, fish in large quantities, as well as many fruits and vegetables. They eat carefully prepared traditional dishes as a sign of respect for their customs and traditions. They always  beautiful and bright decorate dishes. Intricate designs and artistic performance - an integral part of Thai cuisine.



Thailand is located in the tropical climate and the year is divided into three main periods: summer - from March to May (higher temperature), from June to September - the rainy season (with many sunny days) and the cool season from October to February. Best time to visit Southern Thailand October to April, and from April to November for visiting Eastern Thailand.



The large part of transport is buses, which can be normal, speed, with and without air condition. There are two types of taxis: "TAXI" - without counter and "TAXI-METER" - with a counter (fare - from 35 to 200 baht depending on the distance). It accepted to bargain in the "TAXI" and the price is usually negotiated in advance. It is recommended to give preference to vehicles with air conditioning during the long trips. There are more exotic and local taxi: Scooters ("tuk-tuks"), motorcycle taxi (passenger sits down on a motorcycle behind the driver, and wear a helmet).


Official currency

The official currency of Thailand is the Thai baht. One Baht equals 100 satang. The shops, restaurants and souvenir shops accepts only currency of Thailand. You can exchange Your currency in any bank and Exchange points.