Tour in Tanzania is a memorable weekend, regardless of the time, because you get your most vivid and varied cruise year.

Вам можно позавидовать, так как вы имеете право получить свой самый яркий и разнообразный круиз года. You have no idea how you can diversify your desire and so, oddly enough, a short vacation? Tours in Tanzania are an exclusive offer just for you! You have no idea, how a versatile and exciting can be your holiday! Tanzania certainly is a place on the Earth where allowed to soak feature of Mother Nature as a whole. Are you an admirer of versatile pastime for a long time and want new experiences? Then our tours to Tanzania will not leave you indifferent. This country has long been interested skiers, named after a popular type of vacation whenever you want.

Beach lovers can take a fancy winding sandy coast of Tanzania, don't have to see the horizon expanses of this country, to lose his head, looking at the beauty of the river with light blue waters, see the hospitality of the locals and taste the unusual dishes of their cuisine.


About 99% of the population belong to the Bantu peoples, which include more than 130 tribes (the most numerous of them - Sukuma) and Nilotic peoples (the Maasai). 1% of the population are Arabs and Europeans.


There are two official languages in the country- Swahili and English. Also, there are about 100 local dialects.



The main religion is Christianity- 60%, Muslim - 30%.



The culture of Tanzania was formed in the interaction of cultures settled agricultural Bantu, artisans and merchants Swahili coast, nomads and semi-nomads skotovo and other nations. Economic and cultural ties, originated in the country in ancient times, led to the spread of similar traditions and way of life of peoples, near the predominant type of business.

High agricultural culture has chagga Kilimanjaro, which apply the system of irrigated terrace farming to handle the fertile soil. Chagga cultivate on small plots of coffee, bananas, corn, and vegetables.


The cuisne of Tanzania formed a compound of various culinary traditions of Africa. This coastal regions of the country have learned a significant amount of European recipes, and the territory of Zanzibar mixed African, Arabic and Persian culinary traditions. The food intake present vegetables, meat (beef, goat meat, pork, poultry), seafood, fish, rice, cassava and beans. Since local bananas savory and tastes like potatoes, the locals extinguish them, bake, tantalized in the oven, cook them with meat and peanuts. Popular Tanzanians drinks - tea, coffee, beer, gin, konyagi (a drink made from papaya that resembles the taste of gin), liquor (chocolate, coconut), wine. In Tanzania, it is worth to try the local (Safari, Kilimanjaro, Serengeti) and import (Castle, Stella Artois, Tusker) beers.



Temperature conditions in Tanzania fairly uniform - the average winter temperature is 22°C (in mountain areas - +12-20°C), average summer range is 25°С in the south up to 27°C in the north (up to +24°C in mountainous regions). Rainfall varies widely.



Public transport are outdated buses, minibuses and rickshaws.

You can rent a car. For car renting you must have a driver's license of international standard, be over 21 years and have experience of driving at least 2 years.


Official currency

Tanzanian Shilling is the official currency of Tanzania, although in the country freely uses dollar. One Tanzanian Shilling is divided into 100 cents.