This small country could accommodate many historical and cultural attractions, nature reserves and national parks.

Visiting  Bern, Geneva, Lausanne with their famous attractions, magnificent castles and most prestigious venue for evening entertainment and shopping will  make Your holiday unforgatable in this small country with royal comfort and measured well-being. Those who wish to book tours to Switzerland, must be ready for the maximum immersion in the unique culture of this beautiful country, in a perfect combination of a measured flow of life and natural charisma. Holidays in Switzerland is multi-faceted, like the rest of this small and unique country. 


The indigenous population of Switzerland is around seven million people. The whole population is divided into four ethnic groups: Swiss-German, Italian-Swiss, French-Swiss and Romansh.



Switzerland has four official languages - German, French, Italian and Romansh. The most common language is German.



Switzerland is Christian country. About 41% - Catholics, 35% - Protestants, about 6% of the population profess other religions.



The geographical position of the Swiss had a significant impact on the country's cultural heritage, the diversity and variety can be seen in literature, art, architecture, music, and folk customs. Cantonal autonomy has resulted in Switzerland in the course of history to a certain cultural development skewed toward the dominance of regional cultural traditions.



Swiss cuisine emerged as a result of long and controversial development. Cuisine uniqueness lies in the widely use of cheese and dairy products. Swiss chocolate and desserts are very famous. Swiss wines and beers are great too ( white wines- "Yohannioberg", "Ferdan", "Lavyu",  red wines- "Lamey", "Crown" and "Dole"). Liquors are good too ("Kirsch", "Pflyumli" and "Villaminaya"), but very strong.



Switzerland belongs to the moderate continental climate area. But, talking about the climate of this country, it should be borne in mind that about 60% of its territory is occupied by mountains. In the summer (June to August) at nights there are +11 ... + 130C, in the daytime +22 ... +250C. Precipitations are quite a lot throughout the year.



The main transport in Switzerland is buses, in the large cities there are also trolleybuses and trams. Base fare is 5 CHF per passenger, then charged to 2 CHF per km. In the evening and on Sundays there is an additional charge.


Official currency

Swiss franc is an official currency of Switzerland. It is equals to 100 cents. Banks in Switzerland can be found in every street. Almost all of them work with foreign currencies and the staff speak in English (often two or three other European languages).