Journey in Sweden is able to surprise with its diversity!

Waterfalls and cliffs, deep lakes and fantastic fishing, famous parks and numerous ferry, ski slopes and the historic sights of Gothenburg and Stockholm, ancient castles.

The majestic nature of northern Sweden is striking in its beauty of the reserve and the endless expanses. Grey Scandinavian mountains and quaint, ground ice cliffs, dense pine forests, inhabited by wild beasts, and clear lakes in which the catch of salmon and pike, the birthplace of Santa Claus - a fantastic Lapland with its magical northern lights, and magnificent national parks teeming with diversity flora and fauna. Sweden has excellent opportunities for outdoor activities - from the excellent ski resorts, water sports and rafting to fishing, hunting, sailing and mountaineering.


The population of Sweden, constituting about 9.1 million people and represented by different ethnic groups: Swedes (86.7%), Finns (2%), Sami, Roma, Roma, Jews, Danes and Norwegians.



The official language of the Swedish population is Swedish. The large part of population speaks in English.



The large part of the Swedish population (82%) belongs to the Church of Sweden - Lutheran Church. There are also Catholics, Orthodox and Baptists in the country too.



The main features of Swedes are self-restraint, reticence, and law-abiding. At first glance you might think that people are with complexes, but it isn't. Due to its mild nature northern Swedes are laconic and do not often make new acquaintances.



Swedish cuisine is very satisfying: a lot of meat, fish and spirits. Here are fond of combining sweet with salty. It worth to try the local dish: venison or elk meat. You need to taste local fish. Particularly impressive smoked juniper twigs on fresh salmon. For dessert recommended to try cinnamon rolls and pies: apple, blueberry and rhubarb, and the Swedish jam. Swedish national drink - glёg. It is a mixture of vodka and red wine with lots of cinnamon and ginger.



Sweden has a temperate climate. The average temperature in winter  is -16°C. The most rainy period lasts at the end of summer. There are more than six months covered with snow in northern regions of the country. In Arctic Circle regions the summer nights are white and in winter there are polar nights.



Intercity buses in Sweden is an cheap and convenient. There are many taxi companies. Licensed taxis are with a taximeter, have yellow numbers. Taxis are easy to order by calling to the taxi company, by stoping the free car on the street holding up a hand or by taking at the taxi stand. Roughly per kilometer charged 8-10SEK, landing - 20-25SEK.


Official currency

Swedish Krona (Krona, kr) is the official currency of Sweden.