Sri Lanka

It is an absolute exotic small island located in the Indian Ocean.

Rest in Sri Lanka throughout the year get a truly heavenly pleasure: pristine beaches with sand of different shades, the rustle of prominent representatives of the flora, the warm water of the Indian Ocean, both traditional and unusual water sports. Sri Lanka, with a long history and the most developed infrastructure in the region, allows you to enjoy a sumptuous cocktail of luxury hotels and restaurants, religious and natural attractions. This country will only leave  the most vivid impressions of the area and the desire to ever again visit this marvelous, enticing land.


Sri Lanka is a multiethnic state populated with people of different cultural and religious preferences exist peacefully side by side. Of these, ¾ - Sinhalese, Buddhist, 16% - Tamils, observant Hindu, 7% - the Moors and Malays with Muslim traditions.



Official Language: Sinhala. Almost all the population speaks English.



The main religions in Sri Lanka - Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam.



Culture of Sri Lanka more than one millennium. There is a tooth of the Buddha in the the town of Kandy in a Buddhist monastery. According to legend, it was brought to Ceylon in the IV century, were a specially built storage shrine temple later. Relics credited with medicinal properties and magical powers, and the fact of its existence is a guarantee that Buddhism will remain on the island as the main religion.



The traditional Sri Lankan cuisine is  very spicy. The most common version of the food in the hotel is a buffet. If you don't like spicy food, the waiter repeatedly ask again, you'd better take. Figure flavored 'curry', it is the most common food. In addition, there are dishes of meat, fish and seafood (try the marine shrimp and lobster), poultry and vegetables. The main drink - arrack (coconut brew) - even the locals do not really drink, but you can try a little for a change. Gin and whiskey local production speak severe headache. Drinking disinfection better to buy on the road during the transit landing in Dubai.



In the north and east of the country the climate is sub-equatorial in the south and west - equatorial. In Sri Lanka, throughout the notes fairly steady annual temperature. The hottest month is April, when the daytime temperatures reach 32... +34 degrees, the coolest - Dec – 28...+30 degrees.



Road transport widespread in Sri Lanka. Bus station in the city is extremely chaotic, and it is very difficult to figure out exactly where the bus goes, especially given the fact that all the inscriptions made in Sinhala language. In Colombo and suburbs have taxis with counters, which can be called by telephone. Planting them in the first kilometer is 28-30 LKR, each additional kilometer - 24-26 LKR.

"National taxi" or "tuk-tuk" - trehkolёsny scooter cab - affordable alternative to regular taxi (the price of travel will be 15-20 LKR per km).


Official currency

The official currency is Sri Lanka Rupee. 100 cents is equal to 1 rupee. Currency exchange in Sri Lanka can make at the airports, specialized exchange points, banks, etc. Of course, not difficult to guess that the best conditions of the exchange offer banks and exchange points.