Spain is a country with a rich history of Madrid and Barcelona, Bilbao and Toledo.

Travel to the country of bullfighting and flamenco sultry, in the edge of Columbus and Salvador was given leave vivid impressions of the most unusual and enchanting vacation. The tour in Spain is a trip to the sun and excellent food, the joy of life, as well as the country, which will reveal the beauty of travelers monuments and attractions which have been preserved from the time of ancient civilizations.

Echoes of the great history, monuments of ancient civilization and amaze the architectural masterpieces of Gaudi, the magnificent medieval castles, world treasure house of art - the Prado Museum, the unique aesthetics of the museum-theater of Salvador Dali and, of course, clear blue sea, more than two thousand beautiful beaches, the mighty peaks of the Pyrenees, charming old town and very beautiful landscapes, filled with generosity and hospitality of the Spanish land of its inhabitants.


Spain is recognized as one nation, formed on the basis of various historical regions and ethnic groups, the main ones are the Catalans, Andalusiytsy, Castilians, Valencia, Galicians and Basques.


The official language in Spain is Spanish, often called Castilian. However, in some areas of widespread local languages: Basque - in the Basque and Наварре regions, Galician - in Galicia, Catalan - Catalonia, Valencia - Valencia.


Spain's official religion is Roman Catholicism. But other religions aren't banned in Spain. About 95% of Spanish are Catholics.


Spanish culture is rich, beautiful and mysterious. Historical and cultural heritage of Spain is rich and diverse. The coloring of this country its unique beauty inspired Picasso, Goya, Velazquez, Dali ... Influence of different nations, religions and cultures, borderline position between Europe and Africa, Mediterranean and the closure of the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean - all this is reflected in the majestic monuments and interesting tradition Spain.


National Spanish cuisine is combination of a huge quantity of different cuisines. Spanish cuisine is one of the best in the world for the quality and variety of products used is the interest. Aboriginal Spanish cuisine is fairly simple, it is based on onions, garlic, peppers, herbs, sage and olive oil. For many dishes characteristic culinary techniques such as grilled, bake with goat cheese and stewed in wine.



In Spain the climate is determined by the different climatic zones: the south and the Mediterranean coast the climate is Mediterranean, with mild wet winters and hot, dry summers; in the north-west and north - temperate maritime, with mild temperatures and abundant rainfall throughout the year, in the center parts of the country it is continental climate, with cool winters and warm dry summers, and the Canary Islands climate is mostly tropical, the average temperature in winter 25°C, the water is warm all year round, in summer - + 22-23°C in winter + 20-22°C.



Metro is the fastest way to get around any major city in Spain. It operates in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and other cities. You can either take a taxi from parking stations or on the street Payment is made in accordance with the indications of the taximeter. Fares are increasing at night (22.00-06.00) on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays. Additional charge for taxis, transport each bag in the trunk, and a number of other services.


Official currency

Spain's official currency is the euro. Exchange currency in Spain can be done in bank branches or hotels. In the first embodiment, it will be more advantageous rate, but at the exchange procedure takes less time.