South Africa

Journey to South Africa is a mixture of ancient African cultures and modernity, excellent roads, absence of problems in communicating with the local people.

Tours in South Africa will give travelers not only enjoy the luxury hotels and resorts, and impeccable service, but also appreciate fine cuisine and famous wines! Unique wild nature, penguins living near the antelope and crocodiles, fantastic Drakensberg Mountains Cape Town- one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the beautiful national parks, beaches and ocean waves, an unusual place for an active water recreation and the best hunting make your vacation a memorable one in South Africa.




The population of South Africa is more than 47 million people. It is represented by people who belong to different races, cultures and religions. Ethnic composition: Blacks: Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Ndebele, immigrants from Nigeria and Zimbabwe (80%), whites: the Dutch, Germans, French (10%), "colored" population: the descendants of the early settlers, their slaves and indigenous peoples of South Africa (8%), Asians (2%).



There are 11 official languages in South Africa. English is spoken by about 8.6% of the population. However, it is the language widely used in official and business spheres.



Almost 80% of the population of South Africa is Christians. Other religious groups are Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. A small portion of the population doesn't favor any of the major religions, but consider themselves adherents of traditional beliefs or don't have any religious affiliation.



The definition of South Africa's culture is a very capacious concept, which can be compared with a thick layer cake, where each layer is a definite unique culture of each people. Here are exotic, unchanged since prehistoric times, the culture of the black African tribes - Zulu, Xhosa, Bushmen and others, mixed and synthetic culture revolving around the conservative Dutch churches and the European culture of the British, the rich cultural heritage of Asian nations.

All these cultures can be seen in both individually and in their bright synthesis, as being presented in the same region and in constant interaction, they have long since merged into a sparkling cocktail called " culture of South Africa."



The traditional cuisine of the South Africa combines the culinary traditions of many countries. It can be found peculiar eastern cuisine spices and rationality European cuisine, rather original cooking methods used by Africans.

Another feature of the South Africa's cuisine lies in the fact that, depending on the region of the country recipes are changed beyond recognition. They use any new local ingredients, from sauces to various local herbs, spices and vegetables. I did not only recipes, but also a way of serving dishes on the table. Besides the usual squid, mussels, oysters and lobster you can try the famous fish "kingklip" eel on Malaysian recipe, a lobster salad with fruit, halibut, sooty smoke, ordinary herring with onions, shark fins, pate seafood, caviar sea urchin and many other "sea" dishes. From non alcoholic beverages is very popular coffee. The main alcoholic drink of South Africa is wine.



The climate is tropical and subtropical. Average temperature in January is 18-27°C, July 7-10°C. Annually precipitation is 60mm on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, 650mm on the plateau and up to 2000mm on the eastern slopes of the Drakensberg Mountains.

The main rivers are the Orange, Limpopo. In the east - the savanna, south of 30° South - subtropical forests and sclerophyllous evergreen shrubs on the slopes and subtropical monsoon forest in inland regions - desert savannas, grasslands, scrub and semi-desert Karoo desert.



Public transport in South Africa is underdeveloped. Buses work rarely. Shuttle buses are designed in black and white pose a threat to passengers. It is very difficult to catch a taxi on the street (and it isn't safety). It is need to find a special taxis parking. Taxis usually cause by telephone.


Official currency

South African Rand is the official currency of South Africa. 1 South African Rand equals to 100 cents.