Tours in Singapore are distinguished with brightness and saturation of traveling experience in this distinctive state in the South - East Asia.

Aspiration to the clouds skyscrapers, colorful national quarters, surrounded by Buddhist temples. Rest in Singapore is always bright and exciting imagination!

On the resort island of Sentosa with white sand beaches and a variety of entertainment both on water and on land you can comfortably spend your vacation. The pleasure of the highest class and cozy restaurants with cuisines of the world will make Your rest really unique, comfortable and original.


Singapore's population is an about 4.5 million people. National composition is: Chinese (they more than anyone else - 78%), Malays - 14%, Indians - 7% and Europeans.



Official Languages are Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English. Most Singaporeans speak English.


About a third of people profess Buddhism, more than 20% - Confucianism, Malays and some other ethnic groups - Muslims, Hindus, 13% Christian, 15% - atheists.



One of the main national characteristics of local residents considered the desire for order, it concerns to absolutely all spheres of life. On the streets of the city reigns amazing purity, the locals are very concerned about the manner and also urge guests to observe cleanliness. Another feature of the city - a ban on food intake in non provided areas. One of the most important national celebration is the day of Independence. The holiday is accompanied by various cultural events, shows, fairs, exhibitions and military parades.


Cuisine of Singapore is exceptionally offset culinary styles of China, Malaysia, India and Europe. On the territory of this small country it has about 500 restaurants, where every visitor will find a meal to their liking. The main ingredients of the local dishes are fresh foods fried in hot oil and seasoned with mild spices. Dine Singaporeans mainly in food-centers - complex. These special places are filled with 12 to 14 hours. From drinks Singaporeans prefer Chinese tea, brandy, and a variety of cocktails prepared on the basis of gin and juice. Not less popular Indian Dhosai and the British High Tea.



Singapore relates to the tropical monsoon climate. Annual variations in temperature even without any distinct. The average monthly air temperature ranges from 25.7 in December to 27.5 in May. In the daytime air warms up to 30: 32, and the night cools down to +20: 23. Singapore's climate is characterized by high humidity.



The main types of public transport in Singapore - Metro MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), and easy metro LRT (Light Rail Transit), and buses, trolley buses and taxis. MRT subway and LRT work from 6.00 am to 24.00 night, trains work with 3 to 8 minutes intervals. Taxis are relatively inexpensive (landing and the first kilometer - 2,4 SGD, and each subsequent. Credit cards are accepted not always, and the service costs an additional 15%.


Official currency

Singapore dollar is the currency of Singapore, which consists of 100 cents. Almost all branches of banks exchange any foreign currency and traveler's checks.