It is said that God saw the Seychelles and understood how should look like paradise.

Enjoying the natural beauty, snow-white beaches, fringed velvet of granite rocks and palm trees, the waters of the Indian Ocean, bright tropical greenery, a picturesque hillside, beaches with soft and white sand, beautiful sunsets, the abundance of fresh seafood, a leisurely pace of life, a romantic mood - it's rest in  Seychelles!

Many tourists visited the Seychelles, can't forget it and return to this paradise island again and again.


The population is about 82 thousand.  90% of population lives on the island of Mahe. Ethnic groups: Creoles - 95%, 5% Indians, Chinese.



Creole (based on French language), English, French are official languages of Seychelles.



92% of population is Catholics, there are many Protestants too. Considerable part of population is strongly influenced by traditional African beliefs.



Seychelles hasn't its own culture, so it is very well entrenched elements of African culture. There are the National School of music and the National Cultural Center in Seychelles. In the local music can be heard European, Chinese, Indian and Arabic instruments, such as the banjo, accordion, drum and African instruments, violin. Locals are very friendly people.



Seychellois cuisine is unique, reflecting the diversity of the origin of the Creole population. It consisted of French, African, Indian traditions, based on local food. The most popular Seychelles dish is pwason ek diri - fish with rice and the most common dish is soup with tectonics, octopus, banana, all kinds of fish, stewed breadfruit, ragout bat, mashed zhiramona, Shatin shark, boiled cassava, coconut nougat, candied bilimbi stewed banana and etc. It is recommended to try dite zitronel (lemon and mint drink) soft drink and coconut juice. It is advised to try the South African wine



The climate is subequatorial, sea. Average temperature is + 26o - + 28 ° C.



Seychelles transport system isn't high developed. There are car roads only on the islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Between the islands you can travel by ferry or small aircraft. Taxis can be found only in Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, it is quite expensive, the average price is about 15 € (10 minutes), with the baggage will have to pay about 5 €. All taxis work with counters.


Official currency

National currency in Seychelles is Rupee (SCR), which equal to 100 cents. Widely used dollar and euro. You can exchange currency in the banks, at the airport and in hotels. The reverse exchange is possible only in case of coupons.