Due to its climatic features, Qatar is not rich in historical and natural monuments.

Tourists visit this country mainly for mildly norms of Islamic traditions, the magnificent products of local artisans and craftsmen, and increasingly expanding archaeological excavations reveal more and more traces of ancient civilizations on the territory of Qatar.

Qatar boasts a wonderful combination of relaxing on the beach, shopping and inexpensive soft Islamic traditions. The best time to visit Qatar - September-January and March-May. Here are high-quality hotels and sandy beaches. On many beaches pools are interconnected and equipped with water slides. Persian Gulf is considered to be an excellent place for diving.



Qatar's population - 1,699,435 people. 40% of the population are Arabs. There are also foreigners from Pakistan (18%), India (18%), Iran (10%), other Arabic countries. About 90% of the population is concentrated in the capital and its suburbs.



Official language is Arabic. English is widely spoken.



The official religion is Islam. His confession is about 95% of the population. Most Qataris followers of the Sunni branch of Islam, majority of Iranians - the Shiites.



Culture and traditions in Qatar were formed under the influence of Islam, and everyday life complies with Shariah. There are two major religious holiday in Qatar: Eid al-Fitr, which lasts for three days after the end of Ramadan, and Eid al-Adha (it is famous as the Eid al-Adha). Eid al-Adha is celebrated 70 days after Eid al-Fitr.



Traditional cuisine of Qatar was formed under the strong influence of immigrants from Iran and India, and at last times- North Africa. Many traditional Qatar's dishes prepared from seafood. One of the most popular traditional dishes in Qatar is «machbous», which is a stew with rice and seafood. As for desserts in Qatar, then one of them should be allocated pistachio pudding, bread pudding with nuts and raisins, and cheesecake with cream. Traditional non-alcoholic beverages in Qatar - coffee, fruit water and herbal teas. Coffee inhabitants of this country prefer Arabic flavored with cardamom or slightly sweetened, or thickly brewed Turkish coffee. Sometimes served sweet coffee «qahwa helw». Fruit of water and herbal teas are sold on the streets in all the cities of Qatar. Alcohol drinks can be found only in hotels and restaurants, which have a special license.



Winter in Qatar is mild and summers are very hot. In January the temperature drops to +70C, and in August rising to + 450C. The average annual rainfall -80mm. The best time to visit Qatar is from October to May.



The public transport is represented by buses and minibuses, whose services are used, as a rule, expatriates working in the local industry. Tourists in Qatar, as a rule, use the services of taxi: they are cheap, accessible at any time of day or night and easily recognizable by the orange and white colors. You can also rent a car.


Official currency

The official currency in Qatar is Rial (its international designation: QAR). One riyal = 100 dirhams. Credit cards are accepted at most of the hotels, restaurants and shops.