It is hot and humid throughout the year in Philippines. There are two seasons: the dry (January to June) and wet (July to December).

Beach holidays in the Philippines can please even the most discerning travelers: white beaches of Cebu Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Negros and Mindoro, unique natural bays and lagoons, the bottomless depth of the Pacific waters are the calling card of this island.

Cebu City with historical monuments and magnificent Casino Hotel Waterfront, Island Boracay with white, like salt, sand and lots of markets with affordable prices, the island of Mindanao with Muslim mosques and the most famous shopping center Aldevinco, an active volcano Mayon and damped volcano Tal lake inside crater, Tabon Caves and the famous Butterfly Garden - Philippines has something to tell and show your guests!


The population of the Philippines is more than 84 million people and growing up about 2.36%



The official language called Filipino or Tagalog. English is used almost everywhere, especially in the business and official spheres. Also has significant distribution in Spanish.



About 83% of the population Catholics, 5% - Muslims, 5.4% - Protestants, 2.6% - Philippine Independent Church.



Culture of the Philippines is a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Filipinos love the celebrations and even from the weekend makes the whole celebration. Fiesta - it's part of Filipino culture. Filipinos are very reckless people and like to gamble. Rich people like to play golf.


Philippine cuisine combines a unique blend of Eastern and Western cuisine. The staple food is rice. The most popular rice dishes: fried rice "morisketa Tostado",  all kinds of boiled rice with garlic, spices, shrimp and chunks of meat, rice, sweet and sour sauce, fried rice with "Adobo", a dumpling made from rice flour "siomay" rice porridge with slices of boiled chicken "Arroz Caldo." Other popular dishes borrowed from the Chinese food are noodles "Pansy." Vegetables consumed in whole or served as a side dish to main courses. From drinks spread coconut milk and iced tea, juices from local fruit and local coffee "Barack." Among the most popular alcoholic beverages Filipino rum and wine from coconut milk "tuba."



The climate of Philippines is tropical monsoon, but thanks to the strong compartmentalization of relief, it is not uniform. The air temperature in the Philippine Islands is stable throughout the year. The difference between the hottest and coolest months 4oC in the north and in the south evens less. The average annual temperature in the plains around 27oC.



The capital has quite an extended network of city buses. There are standard sedans and small Japanese cars, which is called "poo-cabin". The fare for a taxi is about 25-30 pesos per km. Trains from the center of Manila's airport will be 300-350 pesos.


Official currency

The official currency of the country - Philippine peso (PHP). Cash machines gives only bills no greater than 500 pesos. Foreign currency is best to exchange in banks or exchange offices.