This is country of fireworks, impressions and a storm of positive emotions.

Peru is one of the most interesting countries in the world. Here are concentrated numerous monuments of pre-European period - Culture Kilkee, Lurche, Nazca, Moche, Chavan, Chan Chan, the Chimu, Tiahuanko and, of course, the Inca. Amazing nature of Andes and the "green hell" of the Amazon Valley, sand dunes and the Pacific Coast-Sea relict lake Titicaca, the mysterious petroglyphs Nazca desert and alpine - all concentrated in a relatively small tderritorii this country.

Travel this wonderful country compare dive to the origins of civilization: only there are monuments of ancient cultures of the Incas, Nazca, Chimu, Chan Chan, the territory of this state is intertwined maelstrom "green hell" of the Amazon and the power of the Andes, complement each other Pacific Coast with sandy dunes and the most mysterious lake Titicaca. Activities in Peru cann't be uniform or monotonous!


The population of Peru is relatively homogeneous. In addition to the Indian ethnic mass, among Peruvians second highest number can be regarded the group of mixing the blood of Europeans and the local Indians. The total population of Peru is about 28 million people.



The official languages of Peru are Spanish and Quechua (the language of the indigenous people in the country). This language mainly use in the mountainous regions of the Andes. There are about 55 dialects in the jungle of the Amazon.



The large part of the population professes the Roman Catholic Christianity. There are Protestant denominations and representatives of other faiths in Peru.



Peru is a country where coexist two cultures: the white population of the middle and upper classes, the descendants of Indians, mostly simple peasants. Don't call out local residents"Indians", it is considered an insult.



Cuisine of Peru is one of the most diverse in the world. In the jungle and the Sierra traditions vary considerably, but common to all is the abundance of Peru in dishes pepper, garlic, potatoes, yams, corn and other vegetables. Rice and potatoes are present in almost every dish. One of the most famous Peruvian dishes that you can taste anywhere in the country, is ceviche (ceviche). It is fresh fish for a minute marinated in lemon juice with onions.



Peru includes three climatic zones - Coast, Mountains and Jungle. In general, Peruvian weather could be described as cool, but not cold. Here is tropical humid climate.



The trip by city buses is a dubious pleasure: they are always crowded, slow, but very cheap. It isn't a problem to take a taxi in Peru. It is best to agree the price in advance. Railroad is the cheapest form of transport in the country, so the trains are often overcrowded.


Official currency

Peruvian nuevo sol (international designation - PEN)is the official currency of the country. It equals into 100 cents. US dollar has a free circulation. However, some of the old series is clearly undervalued, and in some places refuse to accept its.