Panama is a firework of impressions and memories of the ocean!

Tours to Panama is a journey into a fairy tale, which is located between South and North Americas on the coast of the warm Caribbean Sea. Natural protected areas and a variety of national parks, unique flora and fauna of the island, the world famous Indian Embera-Wounaan, almost 3000 kilometers of pristine beaches and comfortable throughout the year temperature. The rest in Panama gives vivid impressions for a long time!


The large part of population is descendants of black Africans, the citizens with Spanish origin. There are many immigrants from Europe, especially from the United States, many of whom are pensioners. There is a large Chinese diaspora, The number of immigrants from Arab countries and India is growing.



The official language is Spanish, but as a language of everyday communication is most often used Indian languages (on the Caribbean coast - English).



The 75%-85% are Catholics, 15%-25% are Protestants. About 2% of the population profess the Baha'i, Jehovah's Witnesses - 1.31%, the Mormons - 1.1%.



The culture of Panama is a reflection of the different groups of people, who have settled in the country. The ability to dance is very appreciated. The country is very popular production of moles, applications, textile design, etc.



Panamanian cuisine, like many Central African countries, based on a mixture of Spanish and Indian traditions. It is dominated by the ubiquitous beans and maize (corn), rice ("arroz") and meat ("carne"), many vegetables and spices, often fried together with a large amount of oil, onions, red chillies or small pods of burning green pepper. In the cuisine mixed Spanish and Indian culinary traditions.



The climate is subequatorial, wet, with small variations in temperature, average temperature is 270C. The water temperature is about 240C. There are long rainy season (8-9 months, from May to December) and  dry season (4-3 months). The best time for traveling to Panama is dry season, which lasts from mid-December to mid-April. Starting from late spring the temperature and humidity begin to rise, making travel around the country in real torture.



The best transport is taxi. The price must be arranged with driver in advance. From west to east crosses the Pan-American Highway. Condition of roads in Panama is considered one of the best in Latin America, so tourists can travel the country in a rented car.


Official currency

The official currency of Panama is the balboa. One Balboa equals 100 centavos.