Is it possible to combine successfully the centuries-old landmarks and modern shopping malls? Of course it is posssible in Mozambique!

Of course it is posssible in Mozambique! There are concentrated a huge amount of prestigious hotels and restaurants, the unique reserves and national parks, and the attractions of Maputo and Beira will enchant all travelers. It is the country of desert and stony plateau, flat beaches on the ocean coast and rugged mountains, the small markets and restaurants with unusual local cuisine. Mozambique will forever captivate tourists with its bright color and emotion.

Tours in Mozambique is a trip to the pearl of Africa, located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Bazaruto Archipelago and stylish, ultra-modern city of Maputo, Inaki island with a unique marine reserve, coastal landscapes and magnificent beaches Moma, langos, Cape Tofu and Barra - holiday in Mozambique are always bright, original and colorful, like the whole country is marvelous.



The population is placed unevenly. The large part of population lives in coastal regions, along the Zambezi River, and on the plateau Angonia. 98% of the population makes up the peoples Bantu. The most numerous people are the people Makua.



Portuguese is the only official language, as well as the most common language in Mozambique.



There are the traditional indigenous beliefs, Christians and Muslims. Before photographing local people, you need to ask their consent, since, according to local beliefs, the picture takes a part of the soul.



Talking about art and culture of Mozambique, it should be noted that its history dates back before our era. On the banks of the Zambezi River and Mount Vumba found drawings that dates back to 8-4 millennium BC Basically, it is the pictures of animals and people. Coastal residents live in spacious rooms, made in Arabic style. A Tongan used as dwellings huts built of sticks and clay. In large cities and other centers of tourism spread trade various hand-made souvenirs (figurines, statuettes).



The cuisine of Mozambique doesn't differ a great originality. In all the restaurants food are almost the same - it's a piece of meat and fries, or a piece of fish and fries again. Instead of fries can choose rice or cucumber and tomato salad. Portions are huge. Local drinks is vodka from cashew nut, which is difficult to drink: they leave nasty and unique flavor of the garbage in your mouth. Almost all restaurants have cold sangria with fruit. From soft drinks popular coconut milk.



The climate is subtropical. The temperature on the coast is usually higher than on the mainland. There is always warm, even in the dry winter months from April to September. In the south, the rainy season from December to March, the north is a period longer than 2 weeks. Virtually all year sunny days.



The locals most often used buses and chiapas. Taxis in Mozambique don't have counters, so the cost of the trip need to be agreed in advance. Also, you should stick to one rule: don't pay until the taxi arrives at its destination. There is a fixed payment in Maputo: 200 MZN for a trip through the city center and 400 MZN and more for long distances.

Official currency

The official currency of Mozambique is a Mozambican Metical (MZN), which consists of 100 centavo. То exchange the foreign currency in Mozambique Metical best in private exchange points in the capital, where is the most favorable rate. It is safest to exchange the currency at the banks, but they charge high commission. Don't try to change on the streets. Banks are open from Monday to Friday. Almost all stores accept payment in US dollars and South African Rand.