This mysterious country attracts tourists with its

The city consists of several cities: Fez el Dzhdid, Fez el Bali with the confusing layout of the streets in the world. And the city of Marrakesh, the ancient capital of Morocco, where is difficult enough to find yourself indicated sights Koutoubia Mosque, the palace complex of El Badi, the mausoleum of the dynasty Saadian on the guidebooks. Tours in Morocco  is a journey to the ideal country, with the rest to diverse tastes. Endless sandy beaches and the breeze waiting fans of beach recreation. Relax in Morocco attractive to all, only in this country you can race with the wind speed on the motocross bike on the scorched scorching rays of the earth at night and drink the famous Bedouin coffee in a close circle of nomadic Berbers.


The Population of Morocco in an over than 34.9 million people. This is the third in the world the Arabic-speaking countries after Egypt and Sudan. About 60% of the population is Arabs, about 40% are Berbers. There are Jews toio (70 thous.). The process of merging the various tribes and peoples into a unified Moroccan nation hasn't been fully completed.



The official language is Arabic. Widespread: French, Berber and Spanish (in the north part of country). French, which isn't an official language, but in fact is regarded as the second language of Morocco, is widely used in business and economics.



Islam is the official religion of Morocco. 98.7% of population are Sunni Muslims, 1.1% - Christians, 0.2% - Jews.



A huge influence on the culture of Morocco, of course, has Islam. For Muslims it's a lifestyle, which is reflected in everything, including his artistic creativity. Moroccans are proud of their culture and traditions and carefully keep them. Most clearly the cultural traditions of Morocco can be seen in folk crafts, which more than a thousand years.



The cuisine of Morocco is considered one of the most amazing in the world. The Moroccan cuisine is based on fresh vegetables, grains, fruits and spices, meats and seafood. The national dish is Tagine - a traditional dish of residents of Marrakech. The national drink is sweet tea with fresh mint.



The climate is always changes. On the Mediterranean coast the climate is mild, subtropical. The average temperature here in the summer is about + 24-280C (sometimes reaching + 30-350C) and in winter +10-120C. In the south the climate becomes more continental, with hot climate in the summer (up to 370C) and cold in the winter (+50C). The daily temperature difference can reach 20 degrees.



Buses are the most popular and cheaply transport in the country (from 3 to 10USD depending on distance). Inside of city there are "small taxis" (maximum three people), which are clearly visible thanks to the bright colors, check boxes and a roof rack. They can seat next to other passengers. The fare is about 1USD for 1km, but the price of the trip may be more likely to negotiate with the driver in advance (negotiable), because there aren’t taximeters in such machines.


Official currency

The official currency in Morocco for nearly fifty years is a Moroccan Dirham (MAD). One Moroccan Dirham is equels to 100 centimes. Exchange the currency on the streets and unlicensed exchange points is prohibited.