It is a hundred countries in one country!

Mexico is a unique and fascinating country and many years attracting tourists from all corners of the world with its rich history of ancient civilizations of the Aztecs and Mayans. Unique symbiosis of pre-Hispanic and colonial cultures, Frida and Cosmonaut, mysticism and legendary Tequila, mysteries of Mayan culture and fantastic hospitality. In a short time you can see the city-metropolis and construction of the Spanish colonization, ultra-modern and archaeological remains of ancient Indian cultures, magnificent beaches and snow-capped volcanoes, arid north and blossoming spring valley, desert and buried in the greenery of the tropical forest.

The resort areas are the Riviera Maya and Cancun on the Caribbean coast and Los Cabos, Acapulco, which became an ornament of the Pacific coast of the country.


More than 60% of the population is Spanish-Indian mestizos, 29% are Indians, 10% are the direct descendants of Europeans and 1% - other small peoples. All these ethnic and racial groups constitute a single Mexican population.



The official language of Mexico is Spanish (92.7% of the population speak only in Spanish). Another 5.7% speak in Spanish and any Indian language, 0.8% only know the language of the local Indians.



The main religion is Christianity (97% of the population are Catholics).



Mexican culture is formed from a mixture of Spanish and Russian traditions. The culture of Mexico is a very rich, colorful and bright with weaving traditions and customs of the Maya, Toltec, Aztec, Spanish and Americans. This is a special spirit that absorbs art, architecture and literature. The locals preserve and honor their traditions, making the country extremely interesting for travelers.



Mexican cuisine is a combination of Aztec and Spanish culinary traditions. Mexican cuisine in first is corn and then beans and rice. The most popular dish of Mexican cuisine is tacos - corn tortilla with stuffed (meat, vegetables or fruits), grilled over charcoal. Tequila is the most famous Mexican drink.



The climate is tropical in the south and subtropical in the north with a strong high-altitude zoning. The temperature in the mountains and on the coast is significantly different. On the coast all year is warm - the temperature is about 25-30°C in the mountainous areas there are significant seasonal variations, even it is snows in winter.



Buses (fare is over 1 MHR) working in all the major cities and they are comfortable. You can buy tickets in specialized points or from the driver. There are 9 subway lines. In weekdays they work from 5:00 to 0:30, on Saturdays from 6:00 - 1:30. On Sundays and holiday from 7:00 to 0:30 with 1 min intervals. Fare is 2 MHR. Women and children travel in separate wagons.


Official currency

New Peso is the official curerncy (MXP) and it equal to 100 cents.