Journey in Mauritius give you the best what we can take from nature and civilization.

Mysterious, luxury and unexplored Mauritius island in the Indian Ocean attracts travelers with its tropical romance and European style impeccable services. 

Holidays in Mauritius is an ideal choice for active people: you can play golf and tennis, riding horse, cycling and enjoy water skiing, rafting canoeing and kayaking, skydiving. The island is a place of beauty, rich and successful rest.


60% of population is Indians, 20% - Creole and Chinese, and only 10% of the white community.



There are three official languages - English: it is taught in schools and used in official documents, French and everyday language of islanders - Creole.



52% of the population are Hindus, Catholics make up 26%, Protestants - 2%, Muslim - 17% and 3% Buddhists.



Mauritian culture is a complex and mix of Asian and European different traditions. The culture annually enriched the literary works written on the Creole and other languages - such as English and French.



Mauritian cuisine is international, it is Arab-Indo-European and very exotic. The basis of many dishes is rice and all food is very spicy and sharp. Mauritians love fish very much (grilled, stuffed, smoked and dried). You can grab a snack in the streets, where shopping stalls selling crispy and peppered gateau piments (deep fried vegetables) and samosas - triangular cakes from thin dough. From alcohol drinks very popular white rum "Green Island" and "Phoenix" and "Blue Marlin" beers.



The climate is subtropical. The hottest period is from January to March, but the temperature doesn't rise above 33°C-35°C. Most "cold" months are from July to September, when daytime temperatures is 23°C-25°C. Most precipitation falls in the months of December-February (Mauritian summer).



Transport consists from buses. Tickets can be bought from bus conductor. You can catch the taxis at the airport or near the hotel. The fare should specify in advance: many drivers don't use counters. The cost of the trip is on average 15-20 MUR per kilometer.


Official currency

Mauritian rupee (MUR or Rs) is the official currency, which is equal to 100 sou. You can exchange the currency at any bank or exchange points and hotels, Credit cards and travelers checks are accepted in all hotels, shops and travel agencies.