On the territory of this tiny European country centralized a lot of natural, historical and cultural values.

Amazing scenery, ancient castles, picturesque river valleys surrounded with beautiful vineyards which produce excellent wines. Beautiful cities with museums, galleries and restaurants which take their culinary masterpieces. Luxembourg is a country where above all appreciate the excellent quality of life. Tours in Luxembourg are a unique journey into the country, which proudly carries the name "Europe in miniature". Luxembourg is able to amaze and enchant each traveler and cause an irresistible urge to return as soon as possible in this amazing country.


Luxembourg was inhabited by the Celts, the Germanic tribes and Franks. Ethnic composition: Luxembourgers, other nations (Germans, Belgians, French, Portuguese, Italian).



The official languages are French, German and Luxembourgish. The large part of population speaks in English, especially in business and tourism.



The official religion in Luxembourg is Roman Catholic (97%), but the constitution guarantees freedom of religion.



The main cultural and artistic center of the country from the XVII century, is a monastery in Echternach. One of the main architecture attractions of the capital is the bridge Adolph.



National cuisine of Luxembourg absorbed the best culinary traditions of their closest neighbors. Therefore, the similarity can be traced to the Germany, France and Belgium cuisines. Here are preserved recipes, which give the local cuisine a unique and unmistakable flavor. Many tourists who have visited this tiny country is rightly consider the cuisine of Luxembourg a special.



Luxembourg transitional climate are from maritime to continental. The hottest month is July +22-250C. The winter is mild, the coldest month - January. In January the temperature is -1-30C.



Train the best way for traveling and it is cheap. Day ticket costs 4 euros. Monthly ticket costs 40 euros. Taxis can be easily found in the yellow stations, but it can be hard to find on the street, if in the tourist areas and transport hubs. Taxis costs start from 3 euros and 2.03 euros per additional kilometer.


Official currency

Luxembourg's official currency is euro which consists of 100 euro cents. Currency exchange is possible only with a passport. For exchange process charged 2% -3%.