Lebanon is one of the most amazing places created by nature. Only here you can go skiing and then descended into the valley, sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

Bright rest in Lebanon is not only the sights, but also plenty of beaches, offering the entire range of luxury rest, the best hotels in the world and a shopping at favorable prices. As say the Lebanese themselves, rest in their country is a lively nightlife and daily familiarity with new dishes in thousands of elite restaurants. Holidays in Lebanon draws tourists from around the world for several reasons: a rich visits to cultural and historical attractions excursion program, colorful and very friendly locals, the most pure and white beaches on the Mediterranean coast, luxury hotels and many cozy restaurants with local and European cuisine.


The population of Lebanon consists mainly of Arabs, descendants of hired workers, which have been hired to take care of the reserve the Israel authorities. Among contemporary people of Lebanon can be found both Muslims and Christians, Druze.



Official language is Arabic (for the Lebanese - Lebanese dialect of Arabic). French distributed among the older generation. Knowledge of French is considered a sign of education. In recent years more and more popular is English. In remote villages only speaks Arabic.



There are about 17 different denominations. Mainly: Muslims, Christians, Maronites and Druze. The Lebanese are good attitude to all people, regardless of their religion.



There are very interesting folk traditions and customs in Lebanon. Perhaps someone from the tourists will be able to visit the Lebanese wedding - a huge amount of excitement guaranteed. Weddings in Lebanon, usually lasts three days. On the third day the groom, accompanied by a large group of musicians and dancers poisoned the house of his bride. Boys and girls newlyweds sprinkled rice and flower petals that their life together was happy.



Lebanese cuisine formed under the influence of Arab and Mediterranean culinary traditions. Basic food are meat (including pork), vegetables, fruits, fish, olive oil, cereals, dairy products, greens. The popular snack is "mezze", which consists of 30 different hot and cold dishes. Tourists are recommended definitely try to Lebanon stew "yahnets" chops "CAFTA" meatballs "Daoud Basha" salad "Varus-Orisha" pies "cube", dolma, sweet milk pudding "mhalabie" cookies from semolina "Mamuli " and much more. An important element of Lebanese cuisine - the bread "pita", which is often used instead of a fork. Traditional alcoholic drinks in Lebanon - arak (anisette) and wine. By the way, the tradition of wine-making in Lebanon have a long history.



Lebanon is crossed by two mountain ranges, creating a unique climate. On the Mediterranean coast is hot and humid 35 degrees heat in the summer. And just an hour away, in the mountains it is a dry, cool air. In winter, it is snow in the mountains, where gather the lovers of the ski slopes and on the coast at that time, you can swim in the sea. The average temperature from December to March on the coast 13 - 15 deg. heat (in the mountains 3-9), from April to November 18 to 27.



Taxis and buses works on the specified routes between all human settlements. Everywhere are used quite cheap taxi. About the price must negotiate before boarding. All public transport in Lebanon has a red license plates.


Official currency

International name: LBP. US Dollars and Euros are accepted everywhere. Currency can be exchanged at any bank, hotels, specialized exchange points. The banks, large hotels and restaurants accept credit cards world's major payment systems. Traveler's checks only accept major banks, but their cashing out a lot of time.