This is a great place for discovering Arab world.

Rest in Kuwait has recently begun to attract tourists (from the middle of the last century), but developed rapidly topics infrastructure makes the country extremely popular among fans of unusual travel. Travelers during the holidays can watch the habitual way of life Kuwaitis, learning about this part of the world far more than could be organized during the tourist excursions. But for mass tourism vacation in Kuwait, you can find enough interesting. There are not many attractions and virtually no exciting excursions, so tours of Kuwait can offer the only true lovers of travel.


Kuwait has 2257 thousand people. Kuwait's population is predominantly Arab origin, but its formation was also attended by African, Iranian, Indian and Pakistani peoples.



Official language: Arabic. Most of the population in tourism sphere and workers of stores and banks can speak in English.



Muslims constitute 85% of the population (Sunnis 70%, Shiites 30%). There are Christians, Hindus and members of other religions (about 15%) too.



The roots of the culture and traditions of Kuwait, leaving Islam. This religion defines all Kuwaitis' behaviors. In a country celebrate all religion holidays - from Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr to Ghadir-Homom and Rabi-ul-Awal. From late winter to late March in Kuwait carried camel races (races are usually held on Thursdays and Fridays). In each race are involved 60 camels, the length of the route - 6 km. Every year the inhabitants of Kuwait, a big mark National Day and Liberation Day (February 25 and 26). These festivals are celebrated with fireworks, folk festivals (the locals always wear traditional costumes).



The formation of the Kuwait's cuisine heavily influenced by the culinary traditions of India, Iran, the Eastern Mediterranean. Traditional dishes - «Khouzi» (roasted lamb stuffed with rice and nuts), «Tabbouleh» (tomatoes, onions, greens with millet), «Fattoush» (salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with mint and onion), "hummus" and "dolma". As a desserts residents are consume fresh and candied fruit, candy (eg, Umm Ali). Traditional non-alcoholic drinks - coffee, milk drinks. Coffee inhabitants of this country prefer Arabic flavored with cardamom or slightly sweetened, or thickly brewed Turkish coffee.



Climate is tropical dry. Clearly expressed two seasons: dry summers and wet winters. In the north precipitation falls below 150 mm per year, and in the south - 100 mm. Sometimes the precipitation falls as showers, eroding roads and destroying buildings.



Taxi is a convenient and popular transport in the capital and nearby suburbs. However, travel by taxi is very expensive and even the shortest trip within the center will cost $ 8-10.


International name: KWD. You can exchange money at almost any bank and shop, as well as in numerous private exchange points. The Exchange rate of traveler's checks is more preferable than cash. In large banks, hotels and shops accept all major credit cards.