Rest in Kenya start with the word -"Jumbo". Friendly greetings of locals has became a business card of this small country in eastern Africa.

Tours to Kenya will be journey to the country of exotica, mysteries and high level services. Kenya will offer the most modern spas for a traditional beach rest on the coast of the Indian Ocean (Watamu, Lamu, Malindi, Mombasa), elite restaurants with traditional cuisine, a variety of entertainment in Nairobi and most exciting shopping at affordable prices.

Kenya stands incredible topographical diversity within its territory. You can see the ice-covered mountains with snow-capped peaks, Great Rift Valley with its steep slopes and volcanoes, ancient granitic hills, flat desert landscapes and coral reefs with a lot of islands.


The population of the Kenya is over than 43 million. National composition of Kenya: 22% - Kikuyu, 14% - luhya, 13% - Luo, 12% - Kalenjin, 11% - Kamba, 6% - Kisii. In addition 15% of the population is members of other African nations, and 1% - Arabs.



There are two official languages in Kenya- English and Swahili, but there are still more than 60 different ethnic dialects across the country. This diversity reflects the multi-ethnic population of Kenya and the richness of its historical and cultural heritage.



Officially the Kenya is a secular republic and there is no an official religion here. Most Kenyans are Christians (80%), of which slightly less than half consider themselves Protestants and Catholics almost a quarter. The second religion in the country is Islam (just over 10% of the population). Also, there are common Baha'i, Hindu and traditional local beliefs.



The culture of Kenya emerged from countless sources. In this country crossed the paths of long and complicated history. According to some prehistoric records that have survived, we can conclude that there were endless variations, with contrasts and diversity. Much is said about the unique character of the Kenyan culture, the merger of modern traditional societies and cultures.



The national cuisine of Kenya is international. In dishes add Arabic spices and Indian sauces and after drink a tea with milk and sugar like in Britian. But the real Kenyan never gives up two things - meat and beer, which can be found in almost any restaurant. As an appetizer advised to try Nyama Choma - goat or chicken meat fried in a special recipe. Instead of the classic malt beverage loicals prefer pombe - beer from millet, bananas and sugar. The locals have moonshine - changaa which is obtained from maize. It is thought that an untrained person sipped changaa, can die, because this drink is very strong.



Kenya - is the African country of perpetual summer. Kenya crosses the area of the equator, so here pleasant tropical climate and it enables tourists to visit the country throughout the year. Weather in the country is quite stable, but it is very different depending on the region of the country. Technically, there are two prevailing seasons: summer from December to March and winter from July to August. The temperature range of day and night lasts from 100C to 250C, and on the coast, where the air is hot and humid from 150C to 300C, in the evening and early morning can be very cool.



Buses usually work in major cities of the country with an accurate timetable and divided into two types: express and normal. In the First case we are talking about modern comfortable bus with all the necessary amenities. The normal busses are old, make a lot of stops along the way and is extremely overcrowded. The fare is much higher on the express train. The large and small transport companies and private carriers provide the taxi services. The most reliable car of large companies. The fare should be agreed in advance, before landing. Many drivers still expect a tip of 10%.


Official currency

The official currency of Kenya - Kenyan shilling (Ksh), equal to 100 cents. We also accept US dollars. 1 $ = 75-80 Ksh.