The Dead Sea, diving, snorkeling, and vast expanses of the desert of Wadi Rum.

Rest in Jordan is selected mainly family travelers (or, alternatively, a fine half of a married couple) with income average or above. A separate category of travelers from Jordan are pilgrims and peoples who passionate art and history of the world: Jordan boasts a huge number of ancient monuments.

Perhaps the main charm of which is fraught with Jordan, is that in this country it is possible, a rare case, to find several advantages without almost inevitably accompanying disadvantages. For example, the healing power of the Dead Sea without an overabundance of tourists on the beaches, the excitement of trading on the east of Jordan colorful bazaars without annoying salespeople, and in Aqaba - and even the opportunity to sunbathe, swim all year round, without the sweltering summer heat.


The population of Jordan are more than 4 million. People, ethnically divided into Arabs - 98%, Armenians - 1% Circassians and Chechens - 1%, while more than a million from arabs are palestinians of the occupied from Israel. Other non-Arab communities living in the country are the Turkmens.



The official language is Arabic. But the majority of the population in varying degrees, speaks in English.



Jordan is a Muslim country, but there isn't the prohibition of other religions. The overwhelming majorities are Sunni Muslims, there are also many Christians Arabs.



Jordan is a predominantly Islamic country, although religious freedom is protected by law. Muslim women clothing covered his feet, hands and hair. Western women are not obliged to follow these rules, but very revealing outfits never allowed. On the territory of the old Amman and in rural regions women and men should stick to the conservative style of clothing. Shorts are practically no wear. In the center of Amman, they would be particularly inappropriate, regardless of the sex of their owner. To sunbathing with topless bathing suit is forbidden. Here preferred the solid swimwears. The separates bathing suit can be chosen in the hotel pool.



Nothing can compare with Arabic cuisine! Food is almost a cult in the East. Boldly order the mezze in the restaurants. It represents a variety of snacks group, which are quite satisfying. Generally Jordanian cuisine is an integral part of the Arab culinary tradition, while keeping many of their characteristics. The local cuisine is not so hot and spicy. In the food adds mint, various greens and herbs, all kinds of lemons, onions, marinated olives, pine nuts and so on. The foods at restaurants and cafes are inexpensive. Alcoholic drinks of local and foreign production can be purchased at any time, except period of Ramadan - the Muslim month of fasting. Very popular is the local produced beer «Amstel», as well as wines of Jordan, Israel and other neighboring countries. We advise you to try an arak, which is a local strong drink, diluted with water, so that it acquires a thick milky color.



Jordan is one of the countries with favorable Mediterranean climate, due to which the country is attractive to tourists all year round. From November to April can be precipitation. The coolest month is January, the hottest - August. Average temperatures in January is from + 60C at night, and +180C -210C at the day, and average temperatures in July is from +170C to 390C.



The most convenient transport is taxis. White taxis are private and not very expensive, but be prepared for the fact that the driver will speak only Arabic and will take other passengers on the way. Yellow taxis are official. It is also quite expensive, and far more reliable. You will be the only passenger. The price is better to agree in advance. You can also rent a car.


Official currency

Jordanian Dinar is the official currency of Jordan. One Jordanian dinar is equal to 100 piastres or 1000 fils.