Booking trips, each traveler will be provided to get an unforgettable holiday in Israel.

Hot Israel prepared employments for everyone: a beach holiday on the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, pilgrimage tours for three religions, a powerful excursion in the wake of ancient civilizations and of course, treatment at the Dead Sea. Israel's sanatoriums, buried in exotic greenery, more like oases than at hospitals. A friendly staff like relatives waited for the visit of northern visitors.

Tours in Israel is not just a luxury vacation, it is also immersion in the history of mankind: the new Jerusalem and Eilat, Tel Aviv and small villages on the shores of the Dead Sea. 


Israel's population is about 6.9 million. The most characteristic feature of Israel's population - is its diversity. In addition to the main criterion for dividing the population into Jews (80%) and Arabs (20%) there are many other criteria.


The official languages in Israel are Hebrew and Arabic. English - the main language used for communicating with the outside world. Most Israelis speak in English, and, as a rule, street signs and inscriptions are duplicated in English.



The overwhelming majority of Israelis (78%) profess Judaism, 15% - Islam (Sunnis), 2% - Christianity, the remaining 3% - various independent flow of Бахаъы, ahmadis. In particular, the number of Christians in Israeli ambiguous.



The culture of the modern Israel is an inhomogeneous and dynamic. The population of Israel is very diverse, as there are immigrants from the five continents and over 100 countries. Israel's music also reflects the influence of international culture. Yemeni music, Hasidic melodies, Arabic music, klezmer music, jazz, rock - all this are the part of the Israeli scene.



The main feature of the local cuisine - Kosher. Modern cuisine of Israel is thousands of recipes brought by Jewish immigrants from the former place of residence. However, all local foods, regardless of the origin of the set of rules of Judaism - kashrut. There are many rules, but there are three basics: do not eat pork, seafood and do not combine milk with meat. These are rules for all the restaurants in Israel, including the only "non-local" fast food in the country - McDonald`s. The streets are many stalls with fresh pastries and fruit juices.



In Israel the climate is very diverse - from moderate to tropical with lots of sunny days. From November to May lasts rainy winter season, remaining time- a summer. Almost every year there are snowing in Jerusalem.



In Israel, there is a well-developed public transport system. The main forms of public transport are buses, trains and taxis. It is also well-developed internal airlines. Taxis operate in all localities of the country. Israeli taxi is a safe form of transport, but its prices are quite high. Payment negotiated or by the counter.


Official currency

The official currency of Israel is the new shekel (NIS). $1 is approximately 3,6 NIS. You can exchange the currency at banks and exchange points, in many hotels and post offices.