Islands of Indonesia are small resorts, which combine the comfort of hotels with white sand beaches and crystal clear water, restaurants with fragrant of multinational cuisine, historical attractions, nature reserves and parks.

And all this wealth is connected into one fragrance of flowers, rustling palm fronds and meditates tune of local musicians.

Activities in Indonesia can be likened to a journey around the world: almost 18 thousand islands not only have a different size and shape, but also the unique flora and fauna, individual flavor. Tours in Indonesia combines a great beach holiday, warm blue calm sea, walks on the slopes of an active volcano and the introduction of exotic animals, plants.


Indonesia's population is more than 250 million people. National composition of Indonesian: Javanese (50), Sundanese (14%), Madurai (7.5%), Malays (7.5%), Chinese (3.5%), other nations (17.5%).



The official language is Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). Indonesian language emerged in the first half of the 20th century on the basis of the Malay language, which is traditionally used in the region as a lingua-franca.



In Indonesia, there is an amazing variety of religions and cultures. Although Islam was the dominant religion in Indonesia. In some parts of Java and Sumatra are many Hindu residents of Bali profess a kind of mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism.



Indonesia has a rich cultural heritage, interesting customs and traditions. There are religion and mysticism components in all aspects of the life. All this is expressed in the music, and other spheres of culture. Music is a traditional way to express thoughts and emotion, for this reason the majority of folklore Indonesia set to music.



In Indonesia, national cuisine was greatly influenced by China, but many of the dishes has Indonesian roots. The basis of dishes is rice, it is used in soups, salads and ect. In every corner of the country can meet a variety of vendors snacks (nuts, all kinds of fruit, or, for example, potatoes). The variety of fruit is really amazing, it seems that here collected everything from apples to papaya.



Preferably equatorial climate, this means that in Indonesia were no significant differences between the times of the year. From October to March officially lasts rainy season, from April to September - the dry season.



City buses, mostly old and worn out, moreover, usually full of people. Money for the fare gets the driver or conductor. Minibus, called bemo, is more popular. However, it is always better to negotiate with the individual driver of the vehicle like a taxi or motorcycle. Taxis are very common, this service provides a variety of companies. You can catch a taxi right outside the hotel. When planting, is imperative to follow the inclusion of the counter and his testimony (there are many incidents of hooliganism). If the taxi driver refuses to turn on counter, it makes sense to leave his car immediately and catch another taxi.


Official currency

The official currency in Indonesia is Indonesian Rupiah. Currency can be exchanged at the airport, exchange points, hotels. In major tourist regions accepted for payment US dollars, preference is given to the new currency with good condition.