Holidays in Germany will be able to satisfy the wishes of the most discerning travelers.

From the ancient Celts and the Holy Roman Empire to the Second Reich and the fall of the Berlin Wall. From Goethe, Schiller and Heine to Thomas Mann, Heinrich Hesse and Bertolt Brecht. From Bach and Beethoven to Wagner and Orff. From the masterpieces of painting and a magic square Albrecht Durer to Raphael's "Sistine Madonna." It is a country of "poets and thinkers." Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Berchtesgaden, Oberstdorf, Reit im Winkl will give a great amount of adrenalin during the descent of great trails, spas in Baden-Baden will help restore health and for a long time, enhance immunity, the beaches of the Baltic coast and cleanest lakes in Bavaria will become the attractive place for a comfortable beach rest.




The population of Germany is more than 80 million people. There are various groups of foreigners in Germany today- some of them are Turks, Greeks, Croats, Poles and Austrians.



The official language of Germany is German, which is spoken by more than 95% of population. More than half the people speak in English.



Traditional religion in Germany is Christianity and Judaism. The majority of population is officially a member of the Christian denominations.



The culture of Germany is multifaceted and identity. Germany has a great cultural heritage, dating back to antiquity. There are about four thousand popular museums. German likes the theater too: in opera and ballet season attracts more than six million viewers.



National cuisine of Germany stands has three bases- sausages, sauerkraut and beer. Sausages and frankfurters are matter of national pride, cabbage. In German cuisine a head of cuisine is beer which is so tasty. The main beverage in the national cuisine is beer. It is worth to note that every region of the country has its own culinary specialties and original dishes that will delight gourmets with its diversity, thoroughness and good taste.



The climate in Germany is moderate, marine and transition from maritime to continental, more continental climate is in the center of the country. The average annual temperature is around 10°C.



Germany has a high development transport. The public transport system in Germany is one of the most efficient in Europe. Single tickets (2 EUR) for the transport of all types can be used within two hours after purchase, without limiting the number of transplants. Taxis are widely distributed the prices vary according to a complex system of calculation. The average trip cost is 7EUR. One kilometer costs an average of1 EUR plus 1,5 EUR for the inclusion of the counter.


Official currency

German mark (Deutsche Mark) is an official currency of Germany. You can exchange the currency in the banks and specialized exchange points, in hotels and in main post offices - in the big cities they work every day and 24 hour. Credit cards are accepted in almost all major stores, restaurants, cafes and hotels. Cash withdrawal can be made at cash machines, which are located in separate cabins, where enter one by one.