French Polynesia

Each island has its outward appearance, its typical flora and fauna and even their own traditions.

French Polynesia attracts tourists with its natural beauty - picturesque atolls and volcanic island, wonderful flora, rich underwater world with a huge variety of creatures, many kilometers of beaches of pristine coral and sand. The original people are still carefully kept its traditions and its unique attitude towards the outside world.


The population of French Polynesia is 287,032 people. Urban population: 52% of the total population. Ethnic groups: Polynesian 78%, Chinese 12%, local French (mainly French-Polynesian mestizo) 6%.



French and Tahitian are the official languages of Fiji. English is widely uses in hotels, tourism sphere, shops and restaurants.



About 55% of the population is Protestants, 30% - Catholics, about 6% - Mormons, 2% identified themselves as Adventists, 2% - Buddhists.



Despite the considerable distance from the main centers of civilization, locals have created the high developed culture, achieved the limit of spiritual meditation and expressed the idea of one God. Family ties are considered to be the most important element of culture. Children are considered to be the greatest achievement, locals have great respect towards for elders. The residents love to active recreation, soccer, canoeing, surfing, boxing, wrestling, javelin, shooting, etc.



The local cuisine combines the traditions of European and Asian cuisines. Most of the dishes include fresh products. Widely uses fruits such as coconuts, bananas, pineapples, papayas, mangoes, breadfruit. One of the main products of Polynesian cuisine is fish (fried cheese, boiled, grilled). One of the features of the local cuisine is a way of cooking: local residents wrapped food in banana leaves. The thus prepared dishes called "tamara". These dishes are served in expensive restaurants and in the villages. Very often in hotels arranged Swedes tables when you enjoying the local cuisine and traditional dances.



The climate is very favorable and sunny. The average annual temperature is 260C. Lots of rain takes place in the wet season. From November to April the weather is warmer and wetter. From May to October the climate is dry, evenings are cool. The best season on the islands is the period from June to October.



Public transport is only on the Tahiti and Moorea islands. It works from 05.30 to 17.30.


Official currency

French Pacific Franc is the official currency of French Polynesia (Frank Pacific, French Pacific Franc, Cour de Franc Pacifique - CFP or XPF), which is equal to 100 cents. Currency can be exchanged at the airport, banks, some shops or hotels.