This ancient country is rich with cultural traditions and tourist infrastructure attracts travelers from around the world.

In Egypt, you can enjoy your rest in all year, but the "peak" time are the New Year and Christmas holidays.

Holidays in Egypt is a magnificent Hurghada, a popular Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna, which is called the Venice of Egypt, climatic health resort of Safaga, Makadi Bay, divers' favorite Dahab, Taba. Egypt was and remains a country of low-cost mass beach holiday. There are "flock" of surfers and divers on the Red Sea: one catch a wave, the other plunged into the water to admire the corals. The wonderful climate, warm sea, wide sandy beaches, quality hotels, a variety of tours, overflowing exotic - all this makes an unforgettable holiday in Egypt: I want to return here again and again.


Egyptian Arabs, Bedouins and Berbers constitute a 99% of the population, the rest are Greeks, Nubians, Armenians and other Europeans (mainly Italians and French).



The official language in Egypt is Arabic, but the large part of population speak  English.



Islam is the official religion in Egypt. It is represented by two main currents: Sunnism and Shiism. Predominant of whom are Sunnis.



Egyptian culture is one of the oldest and is a shining example of human civilization. Her contribution to the world cultural and religious worldview simply enormous. Egypt is an important center for the revival of the traditions of Arabic literature. More than thousands tourists visit Egypt every year, want to touch the antiquity.



Egyptian cuisine differs with spicy taste and is usually prepared with a lot of different spices and sauces. Muslims don't eat pork meat. Less fruits are used in traditional cuisine. Most of the vegetable dishes are mixture of raw or cooked vegetables with every possible combination of vegetables and meat. Traditional dishes are prepared on the basis of beans, eggplants and peppers, sauces, vegetable oil, onion and garlic. In extreme quantities consumed a variety of types of tea and coffee, as well as the "hibiscus" - a drink made from hibiscus leaves with a pleasant sour taste. Local wines are tasty too.



Egypt can be likened to an oasis, lying between the two deserts, its climate can be described generally as hot and dry. In areas of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, the climate is subtropical, in other parts of the country the climate is tropical, desert. Summers are dry and hot, winters are mild. Pronounced two seasons: a very hot, from April to October and cool enough from November to the end of March. Rains in Egypt are very rare.



Egypt has a very extensive public and private transport system, and tourists can travel in Egypt almost anywhere and it would be relatively cheap. Buses are available in Egypt anywhere. They serve almost every city, town and village in Egypt. The bulk of the buses that serve other routes, uncomfortable, dirty and noisy.


Official currency

The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound or a genius. One Egyptian pound is equal to 100 piastres.