Ecuador is considered one of the best places in South America for active recreation.

Ecuador is one of the most unusual of the continent, in whose territory the huge mountain range of the Andes with a lot of sleeping and active volcanoes, exotic Amazon, with its diverse natural world and unique tribes, the length of coastline and dozens of mountain resorts. This historical heritage of the country is also very diverse, making it a perfect holiday destination for lovers of cultural tourism. Ecuador - "rich" country where all is bright and an unforgettable experience from the elite vacation.


Ecuador's population is about fourteen million. Indigenous peoples is 25%-35% and black people can hold about 7%.



Official Language is Spanish. Most of the people speak their own languages (Quechua, kuichua et al.). English only distributed in the tourism industry.



The large part of population is Catholics (95%), but there are representatives of all the world's faiths.



The culture of Ecuador is a mixture of traditions and customs of the pre-Columbian Indians, the Spanish and the Roman Catholic Church. Almost every month in Ecuador is celebrate the honor of a Catholic saint.



Ecuadorian cuisine surprises with heritage traditions of Indian peoples and diverse menu. Here everyone will find a dish to his taste, whether it is fried, stewed or lean. Ecuadorians masters in the preparation of "ceviche": raw seafood (fish, shrimp, oysters), marinated in lime juice with hot peppers, served with a side dish. Ecuadorian beer is one of the best in South America.



The climate in Ecuador is very diverse, depending on the region and altitude. In coastal regions climate is subtropical or tropical and in the mountainous regions of the Andes the climate a moderate.



The most common transport in the cities are taxis. They are yellow and the number is written on the door. The price can be arranged in advance or paid according to counter. In evenings the price doubles. Unlicensed taxis use is not recommended.


Official currency

The offcial currency is sucre, but due to the devaluation of the local currency, US dollars are in circulation.