Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is an exotic place with magnificent nature.

Hundreds kilometers of white beaches, rich coral reefs, wonderful landscape, clean rivers, unique culture and friendly people. Rest in the Dominican Republic can satisfy everyone's whims: diving, sailing and surfing for fans of water recreation, the beauty of Santo Domingo, Cibao, Costa del Ambar, Samana Peninsula for lovers of attractions and historical values.


The population is about 8.7mln. people. There are many Negros (73%), Mulattos and Creoles, and also many immigrants from Europe and Africa.



The official language is Spanish. It used for communication and documentation. In addition to Spanish, some residents speak French and English.



The 95% of the population are Catholics.



Dominican culture has developed by synthesis of different traditions. It has an elements of Indian and Spanish influence, African traditions and American lifestyle. This culture's confusion, which is characteristic for all the Caribbean islands, has created a community of Creole culture, which is essential for the identity of the islanders.



Dominican cuisine, like every Caribbean cuisine, is a combination of color and flavor. The dishes are very healthy because they contain numerous herbal products. The traditional Creole cuisine is a combination of European, African and Caribbean traditions using local ingredients. The main ingredients are fried onions, mix of different types of herbs, vegetables, spices, garlic, coriander, pepper, salt and vinegar. If you wish to get acquainted to all the peculiarities of local cuisine, you should eat out of hotel.



The tropical climate of the Dominican Republic is a paradise for tourists. The wet tropical climate is conditioned by proximity of the warm Caribbean Sea and the constant trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean.



The most convenient way for transportation is car rent. There are three kinds of taxis: carro-public, gua-gua, normal taxi. The first two types are working with principle of minibuses and fare are clearly defined.


Official currency

Dominican peso (RD $ or DOP) is the official currency of DR, it equal to 100 cents. It is the only legal currency in Dominican Republic.