Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most beautiful, romantic and best preserved cities in Europe.

Hundreds spiers city was founded in the 10th century and throughout its long history has been the seat of Czech kings, princes, emperors and presidents. You must visit Prague Castle. St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, the Church of St George and the Golden Lane in Prague. There will be an unforgettable view of the town square, famous for its ancient architectural monuments in front of you. Statue of Charles Bridge, the city Clock Tower, the magnificence of the Wenceslas Square will fascinate you. A good food and the best beer in the world will make your journey in Prague even more enjoyable and memorable.


The population of the Czech Republic is 10 million and 290 thousand. The large of the population (90.1%) are Czechs, also lives Slovaks (1.8%), Germans (0.4%), Poles (0.5%) and Roma (0.1%).


The official language in the Czech Republic is Czech.


The official religion is Catholicism, adherents of which are 39.2% of the population.


The development of Czech culture began back in the Stone Age. And over the following centuries, it evolved until it reached its current state. Czech Republic is known for its musicality. All over the world loved and respected Czech cinema, literature and theater. You can enjoy the music sounding from every house, cafe or shop.


Czech cuisine requires special culinary knowledge’s. It is very colorful cuisine. The dishes are very greasy, nourishing and served in large portions. The famous liqueur is «Becherovka»:



Winter in the Czech Republic is mild and lasts from December to the end of February or mid-March rarely. The average winter temperature is - 5°C. Spring begins at the end of February. In March, the temperature is 15°C- 20°C. Spring is not very rainy and mild. Summer in  lasts until mid-September. Summertime in the Czech Republic is mild and warm. The average temperature in summer is kept at between +20°C to +27°C. Autumn is ideal season for traveling to this wonderful country. In autumn the average temperature falls to +10°C.



Public transport in Prague is metro, trams, buses and the cableroad. The best way for tourists is to buy a single ticket valid for 1, 3, 7 or 15 days. The fare to the taxi consists from two parts- fixed "landing" fees and the amount per kilometer, depending on the tariff zone.


Official currency

The official currency of the Czech Republic is Czech koruna. You can exchange currency only in banks or cash machine (you can always find banks and cash machine in the major cities). Be careful when changing money at exchange points. You can pay high fees not even knowing about it.