Tours Cyprus is a journey to the pearl of the Mediterranean, which has a frame of the prestigious luxury hotels and restaurants, a variety of clean beaches and constant caressing sun.

Rest in Cyprus cann't be monotonous. Only on this island perfectly combines golden beaches and cool high mountains which are covered with pine forests, vibrant nightlife and attractive tourist shopping.

Rest in Cyprus is a fascinating trip to the miniature donkeys, traveling in the Akamas nature reserve, a luxury diving and treasure hunt on the sea floor, the rapid jeep safari and flying in the heavenly heights on the mini-jets. Unique flora and fauna of luxury will not allow to forget this splendid country!




The population of Cyprus is more than 1.1milion people. Ethnic composition: Greeks and other nationalities (Turks, Armenians, Arabs, English).



The official language of Cyprus is Cypriot dialect of Greek. The population as an addition to his native language is widely spoken Turkish. About 90% of the population speaks English, which actually serves as the second state language.



The large part of population (about 77%) are Orthodox, they are members of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, while the majority of Turkish Cypriots are Muslims.



Cypriots are very proud of their cultural heritage, whose age is already about 9000 years. Tradition and culture of the population of Cyprus is best reflected in the folk festivals and ceremonies. A significant influence on the culture of Cyprus has always provided the proximity of three continents - Africa, Asia and Europe. Due to the influence of culture and art of Cyprus have a special flavor, unique originality and richness. Cyprus called the island museum. Its history goes back to antiquity. The island has a large number of monuments of antiquity, early Christian, Byzantine culture. Fortresses and castles, mosques and monasteries keep the memory of the times of the Crusades, and the era of Ottoman rule. In the face of the country has left its imprint and the period of British rule.



Culinary traditions of Cyprus are closely linked with the Greek and Turkish cuisine. Widely uses seafood. The fish and other seafood often baked on the grill, sprinkled with different spices and sprinkled with lemon juice to enhance flavor. Cypriot sweets are very nutritious: rice porridge with cinnamon rizogalo, halva with semolina and nuts, all kinds of delicacies from Oriental Delight to baklava. Wines are usually sweet. Chief alcohol brand - "Commandaria", which is one of the oldest in the world.



The climate is typically Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and mild, not cold winters. In July and August the average temperature varies from + 29°C in the central plains and +22°C in the Troodos Mountains. In January, the average temperature in the Central Plains is +10°C and +3°C - in the Troodos Mountains. The average annual precipitation is about 480 mm.



There are three types of buses in Cyprus, which you can use when traveling around the island: intercity buses, rural buses, city buses. There are three types of taxis: intercity taxis, rural taxis and urban taxis, which necessarily equipped with taximeter.


Official currency

The official currency is Cyprus Pound (CYP, CP), which is equal to 100 cents. Currency exchange preferable to be done at the airport. Reverse exchange is difficult. Keep the bank checks because only by that case would be the opposite  exchange.