Ideal beaches and crystal clear warm sea, blue sky and bright sun, exotic fruits and the aroma of flowers -it is a realistic paradise of our planet.

The magical Latin American rhythms, dances, the hospitality and smiles of locals and  the inhabitants of this wonderful place, the excellent opportunities for the most exciting adventure, the most romantic place- this is Cuba!


The population of Cuba was formed thanks to the most bizarre combinations. Ethnic basis are Spaniards.



The official language is Spanish. From the language of Spain it is characterized primarily by the fact that Cuba uses the word borrowed from the language of the indigenous inhabitants of the island (Bojö - the name of the woman hut, etc.).



The large part of population is Catholics, Protestants and followers of the so-called "Santeria", which is a syncretic cult based African beliefs mingled with the cult of some Christian saints.



The culture of Cuba is a fusion of ethnic traditions brought from around the world. African roots had a tremendous influence on the formation of Cuban culture. Currently, Cuba is recognized as one of the world's cultural centers.



The national cuisine combines traditions of different nations. Special influence has  Spanish and African cuisines. The main ingredients of the national dishes are meat, cereals, vegetables and fruits. There are many different sauces, dishes with fried banana. Residents of Cuba are indifferent to the variety of sweets.



Cuba's climate is very favorable, because here there is high moisture and constantly blowing sea winds. Cuba is mostly flat country.



The transport is standard, there are few cars on the streets, the quality of roads is inconsolable. For travels it is  recommended to use the so-called "tourist tax", which are quite modern cars with a radio and air conditioning.


Official currency

The official currency is Cuban pesos, which is equals to 100 cents. In some tourist areas widely used euros, pounds and pound sterling, canadian dollars and Swiss francs. Boating the US dollar in Cuba stopped.