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More than 90% of the population are Croats, among the national minorities are Serbs, Bosnians, Hungarians, Albanians, Italians, Slovenes, Germans, Czechs, Gypsies and others.



The official language is Croatian. Alphabet - Latin. It has common roots with the Old Slavonic language. Widely used German, Istria many speak in English and Italian.



Since the XI century Croatia profess Catholicism. To date, the large part of population (77%) Catholics, but there are many Orthodox and Muslims.



The culture of Croatia is very rich, beautiful, diverse, and based on deep traditions. Cultural characteristics of Croatia for centuries formed under the influence of the traditions of East and West Europe. Because of this, the country has a huge cultural heritage in the form of various historical monuments of world importance.



The cuisine of Croatian edges more likely to be described as Mediterranean. Croatian cuisine tends to be simple nutritious meat dishes and products such as pork, poultry, bee and river fish. There are also widely used vegetables: potatoes, beans and other legumes, cabbage, onions, peppers, tomatoes, beets. From fruits popular plums, apricots, apples, pears. Croatians also like eggs and dairy products.



The climate is mild Mediterranean. Summers are hot and very dry. Winter is wet and warm (9-15°C). The central regions are temperate continental, in summer 20-23°C, in winter 1-3°C. Warm spring and autumn in all parts of the country allow the Croats officially opened tourist season in mid-May and end it at the end of October.



The most common type of public transport is bus. Bus routes covering the whole country, in all directions every hour or even more often. Rate landing is $ 2.4, then charged about $ 1 per kilometer. For each piece of luggage amount consist $ 0.16.


Official currency

The official currency of Croatia is Croatian Kuna. Currency exchange is available at banks, exchange points and many licensed exchangers.