Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a paradise for people, who looking for exciting and exotic edge.

This is a real country-reserve, which isn't only carefully guards its natural systems, but also constantly increasing the territory of protected regions. There is a concentrated variety of natural complexes. Here you can see the evergreen rainforest and volcanic wasteland stretching a hundred kilometers of savannah and rainforests, long beaches, banana and coffee plantations - all this is this wonderful country. Beach vacation in Costa Rica is a true paradise for lovers to bask in the warm sand. Playa Conchal, Playa Carrillo, Playa Nosara with white, gold and even black sands are ideal choose for surfers and divers. A night's rest admirers will be happy to enjoy Pacific beaches of Punta Leona and Jaco.


The large part of population is descendants of Spanish settlers - the Creoles. The proportion of blacks and mulattos is about 10%, less than 1% of population - the Indians. There resides a small number of naturalized Chinese, Europeans and Americans.



The official language is Spanish. English is also widely spoken in educational sphere.



The official religion of Costa Rica is Catholicism, it adheres to more than 90% of population. However, Costa Rica has always been liberal with regard to religion. Here you can meet Evangelicals, Buddhists, followers of Judaism, Jehovah's Witnesses.



Costa Rica's culture is basically Spanish, though there are strong Native American, Afro-Caribbean, North American and some other influence. There are active community of artists, writers, artists and musicians, some of whom are internationally renowned. There remain popular Caribbean (salsa) and Mexican (rancheras) music.



In national culinary traditions of Costa Rica, as in many Central American countries, intricately mixed Indian and Spanish cuisines, but dishes according to local specifics. The dishes are based on rice, black beans and meat, which are prepared with various sauces, onions and vegetables. Dishes are seasoned a bit, but served with ketchup and chili pepper. Costa Rican's coffee is considered one of the best in the world and it take a second place with it's rich aroma after Guatemala. Here you can taste all kinds of fruit - from apples to tropical. The main alcoholic drink is rum.



There is no spring and autumn in Costa Rica. Seasons are called verano (summer) or invierno (winter), although it probably would called dry season (from December to April) and rainy (from May to November). Fluctuation of daily temperature is about 8°C to 10°C.



Transport in Costa Rica is diverse. Buses are the main transport, route system covers almost the whole country. The fare ranges from 21 to 55 colonies. Taxis are cheap, the fare is about 210 colones.


Official currency

Costa Rican Colon (CRC) is the official currency of the country, it equal to 100 cents. USA dollar has a free circulation. In tourism sphere prices are usually indicated in dollars, but payment is made with colones.