Colombia is spicy mixture of the Neva, the Caribbean and the Amazon culture, a country with a luxury resort and a whole bunch of natural attractions.

It is a country with a variety of cultural traditions having absorbed way of life at least three continents, with picturesque scenery and modern city, rich in natural resources and friendly people. This is one of two countries in South America, with the entrance to the Pacific and to the Atlantic Ocean. Colonial facades and cozy courtyards of Cartagena, a comfortable modern resort of Santa Marta from the magnificent beaches, high waves of the ocean for professional surfing, the majestic Andes, which give endless opportunities for eco-tourism.


The population is about 44.2 million people. 58% - Mestizo, 20% - whites, 14% - mulatto, 4% - negros, -sambo 3%, 1% - Indians.



The country's official language is Spanish. On the islands of the Caribbean Sea is widely used so-called "Afro-English" or "Jamaican English" language.



Mostly Colombians are Catholics, but among the forest Indians can be found traditional tribal beliefs.



The culture of Colombia was influenced by traditions inherited from Spanish and other European settlers. There are still many cultural traditions of pre-Columbian era in Colombia.



Colombian cuisine consists mainly of poultry, pork, potatoes, rice, beans and soups. It is curious to try the local  "Aillac" food - chicken soup and potatoes, typical of Bogota, an unusual dish "ormiga pendant" -  typical to Santander, and "lechona" - fully baked suckling pig with rice characteristic for Tolima.



The climatic and landscape features, the flora and fauna dividing the country into five different natural regions. That is why here can find the landscape and climate for all tastes: white sand beaches and palm trees, mountain rivers and waterfalls, fertile valley with a mild climate, the length of the green mountain ranges, the snow on the highest peaks, endless plains (savannah), where herds animals and, of course, the Amazon jungle.



Buses are the main type of public urban and intercity transport. The metro is only in Medellin (it is considered one of the cleanest in the world). Taxis can be caught on the street or ordered by phone at the certified company (this option is the safest for tourists).


Official currency

The official currency of Columbia is Peso (International name: COP). It is equal to 100 cents. Tourists arriving in Colombia, can exchange their money only in bank branches in the capital and several major cities.