Travel to one of the oldest civilizations in the country that gave the world silk, paper and gunpowder.

In state which carefully preserve monuments and religious shrines, all of this is an interesting and informative tours to China, one of the most magnificent countries in the world.

Holidays in China is able to impress the most seasoned traveler: gorgeous beaches of Hainan Island and the ski resorts, the unique treatment in hospitals of Chinese traditional medicine and the famous thermal springs, unique natural parks and the busiest in the world "trading crossroads." China - a country of contrasts and the diversity!


The population in China is represented by 1.3 billion people (in 1km resides 137 people). National composition of China is represented by: Han (93%), national minorities as Zhuang, Hui, Manchu, Tibetans, Uighurs and other (7%).



Official language is Chinese. In the tourist regions speak in English, Japanese and Russian.


The major religions in China are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism.



The Chinese culture is one of the oldest. Like other cultures, Chinese culture distinctive and unique. In contrast of Indian culture, it is more rational, pragmatic, face the real values of life on earth.



For Chinese cuisine is characterized by the widespread use of rice, soybeans and vegetables. Numerous kinds of dumplings are very popular. More exotic dishes are soup of swallows' nests, roasted bear palms and "lunhudou" ("dragon fighting tiger"), food from the wild leopard cats and snakes. The country is widely bright and strong rice beer - cheap and quality.



The average temperature in northern about -7°C (usualy -20°C) in winter, summer is about +22°C, and sufficiently dry. In the central part of China in the winter from 0°C to -5°C, in summer - about +20°C. In southern winter from +6°C to +15°C, in summer - above +25°C. The best time to travel to China - late spring (April and May) and autumn from September to October (in the south from November to December). On the island of Hainan is quite possible to ride all year round. The average annual temperature there is +28°C, the temperature of sea water +25,6°С.



Public transport in Chinese cities is overloaded to the limit. Buses and trolley buses start to work from 5:00-5:30 to 22:00-23:00. Taxi - the most comfortable way to travel in the city (usually 6-10 RMB for the first 4 km and 1-2 RMB for each additional). The rate is usually written in big board to the windscreen or rear right door glass paper. There are minibuses taxi that serves in touristic areas and railway stations.


Official currency

Yuan is the only official currency of China. Currency can be exchanged at the main offices of the Bank of China, hotels, international airports (here is the most favorable rate), railway stations and some major shopping centers. Need to keep the cheque because a reverse exchange can be done only at their presentation.