Canada is a country of unspoilt nature and a unique mosaic of cultures from all over the world.

The best time for beach rest in Canada is from June to August, however, at this time there is an influx of tourists and the prices rise significantly. Journey in Canada allows you to see the fascinating natural wonder - the Aurora. The best time to observe the Aurora is from September to April.

Hiking along the mountain regions of Canada allows you to get acquainted with the amazing nature of the country, to pass on historical routes or ice fields. Leisure activities in Canada are presented as rafting, kayaking and kanoingom. These water sports can be practiced almost anywhere in the country, both in rivers and lakes and in the sea, where you can find large marine mammals.


Canada is a country of immigrants, so it inherent problems between different nationalities, old and new immigrants, descendants of Europeans and Native Americans and the rift between French- and English-speaking Canadians.



There are two official languages in Canada- English and French, but the main of these is English.



There is no an official religion in Canada. The government officially supports religious pluralism. Most Canadians are Christians.



The general culture of Canada formed under the influence of cultural traditions of indigenous peoples of the North American, French and British. Canada's culture easiest to be discovered in numerous museums, working in the largest cities of the country.



Canadians are big fans of food. An important place in the menu takes meat dishes, sometimes exotic - venison, elk, grouse meat or wild turkey. Pates, cheeses, pork, smoked herring are very popular. A special pride of Canadians is maple syrup, without which can’t do any dessert. With him eat pancakes, scones, muffins and waffles.



Canadian climate is very diverse. Seasons in Canada pronounced. Climatic conditions in Canada are mainly determined by the terrain. Therefore, in some areas of Canada can be very cold, and in others quite warm.



Canada has a well-developed transportation system. City buses' fare doesn't depend on the distance. Taxis are very expensive in Canada. All taxis are licensed and the fare is fixed: the cost of the trip depends on the distance and travel time.


Official currency

It is better to change the currency in banks, exchange points, major hotels, airports, railway and bus stations. Banks are open on weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00, on Friday they close at 18.00. US dollars in Canada are taking isn't everywhere.