This country has a lot to show fans of attractions.

The ancient city of Angkor, the magnificent capital of Phnom Penh with the famous Silver Pagoda, temple complex in Kampong Cham, waterfalls and national park Popokvil Bokor. The rest in Cambodia allows you to enjoy the beauty of the famous alley of the Mekong and relax in a comfortable hotels located in the capital Phnom Penh,  its allow to try exotic dishes in a variety of restaurants and street cafes, to enjoy a high level of services. Tours in Cambodia not so long ago became separate tourist destination. 


The population is 13,390,000 people. The main population of Cambodia - Khmer.



The official language of Cambodia is Khmer. The English language is very common in the country and is used to communicate with foreigners in administrative, commercial, industrial and tourist affairs. Some people of the older generation can also communicate in French. Khmer-English manuals are on every main street and roads.



State religion in Cambodia, according to the Constitution is considered to Buddhism. Currently 93% of the population are Buddhists, 5-7% of Cambodia's population are Muslim. There are also small group of Cambodia's population, who worship the pagan gods.



Throughout the history of Cambodia on its evolution and culture is greatly influenced by religion. The unique culture of the Khmer shown religious beliefs of the local population in animism, and found a place elements of Hinduism and Buddhism. These two religions, along with Sanskrit and other elements of Indian culture penetrated into mainland Southeast Asia as early as the first century AD.



Cambodian cuisine has absorbed the traditions of neighboring cuisines: Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian. The basis of most dishes is rice, fish, eggs, greens and vegetables, meat, beef, pork and seafood. Cambodian traditional breakfast - soup with rice noodles, herbs, meat, fish or shrimp. Especially here often use different sauces and condiments. Cambodian cuisine is so exotic that can be said - Cambodians eat everything that is around, including cockroaches, snakes, spiders and caterpillars.



The climate is a tropical monsoon. There are two seasons: the dry season from November to April, related to the northeast monsoon and the rainy season from May to October, associated with the southwest monsoon. In the rainy season it falls to 80% of annual precipitation. The hottest month is April, when the temperature reaches 35 degrees. The coldest month is January with temperatures around 25 degrees. The best time to visit - from September to March.


Public transport includes buses, taxis, mopeds, rickshaws and rickshaws. Buses operate only in big cities, taxi is weak due to the low living standards of the population and the inability of citizens to pay for the main part of his services.


Official currency

The official currency of Cambodia - Cambodian riel (Cambodian riel). Many hotels and some restaurants and souvenir shops accept plastic cards. But you should be prepared that you will be charged by 2-3% more. Cash machines can be found in all not so small cities.