Rest in Brazil is the same colorful, vibrant and diverse as this famous Latin American country.

It is country of exotic nature. Long beautiful beaches, cheerful population, ancient Indian traditions and colorful colonial architecture, it is one of the most developed countries on the continent. Brazil attracts millions of tourists. It has almost all the conditions for a wide variety of leisure activities, but the most attention, of course, attracts celebrities Amazon and sung in numerous novels pampas south, Iguazu Falls and mountain areas, the bustling and ever-dancing Rio with its famous Carnival.

Diving and roar of Iguazu Falls, a beach holiday and travel to the Amazon jungle, languid vacation at restaurants on the coast and the adrenaline rush of jumping from a "bungee" in the abyss - it's Brazil, a country of passion and contrasts!


There are round 175 million people in Brazil. It a country of racial mixing of peoples from all over the world. This heterogeneity of the Brazilian people indicated today as the main characteristic of Brazilian national identity. You can find people from different parts of the world.



The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. Commonly used "Lingua Geral" - a common language, 180 different languages and dialects of ethnic groups.



The religion of most Brazilians is Catholicism. In fact, Brazil is the largest Catholic population in the world.



Culture of Brazil is carnival, football, fiery rhythms and intertwining of ethnic groups, traditions and beliefs. Every Brazilian call exactly what it's most likes in the Brazilian culture. The culture of Brazil is considered to be a mixture of three major cultures: the western, African and Indian.



The cuisine of Brazil has developed two cuisines - Indian, Portuguese and African. Meat prepared with the addition of a large amount of olive oil. Brazil's national dishes are very spicy and salty. The most famous Brazilian sweetness is Brigadeiro. Popular and fried or stewed are bananas with cinnamon, coconut with chocolate mousse, guava marmalade with cheese, passion fruit mousse. Brazil is a country of coffee. Brazilian coffee known in all corners of the world. Coffee from Brazil is loved and appreciated everywhere.



Climate Brazil the most diverse: from the tropical, where the equator to the temperate and cool. Winter is dry, it lasts from June to September, summer lasts from November to April. The average air temperature (December-January) 26°C, water temperature 20°C. In September-March lasts rainy season, at this time there is high humidity.



Buses serving the coastal and tourists regions are modern and usually charge a fee based on the distance traveled. Taxis are common in all large cities. They can be booked at the reception in the hotel. The metro works in Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Sao Paulo.


Official currency

The official currency of Brazil is Brazilian real which equels 100 centavos (official abbreviation - BRL, symbol - R $). The exchange rate and prices are stable, but the country is considered to be quite expensive for South America.